Here’s How Students Get Luxury Hostels & PGs in Ahmedabad


Here’s How Students Get Luxury Hostels & PGs in Ahmedabad

Student life is nothing but a voyage of exploration. Each day as you proceed, you discover new things, live a little more, and create a large trunk of memories. During this span, a student’s hostel life plays a vital role. With a vision to regard and uplift this journey of students, The Hive Hostels have crafted student hostels in Ahmedabad

These hostels aren’t regular, but luxury hostels that make the students feel at home away from their families. Besides, if a student wishes to opt for PGs in Ahmedabad, then he can get that too in almost all the popular locations with The Hive Hostels. Currently, JK Shah and Navkar are two popular localities in Ahmedabad that are also apt for students to stay.

For those, who are trying to find PG near JK Shah College and Navkar, The Hive Hostels have a lot to offer. Check out what benefits and amenities these PGs offer students.

  • Comfortable Rooms & Bed

The Hive provides comfortable rooms as well as beds to students so that they can come to their cozy beds and rest after spending a long day at the college.

  • Home-like Food & Timely Meals

Miss no more delicious food from your mother as the PG also provide healthy and freshly cooked feeds to students at the right times.

  • Laundry & Housekeeping

To keep their daily clothes clean and ready to wear, students need a proper laundry service when they are away from their homes. The Hive provides a convenient and quick laundry system to students so that they can wash their clothes easily. It also offers timely housekeeping, so that when students come home they relax in a tidy room.

  • Wi-Fi Facility

Wi-Fi is indeed necessary in the current times so that students. A thorough internet access in the PG allows students to complete their assignments, plus connect with their loved ones.

  • Recreational Spaces

Of course, some recreation is essential along with studies to unwind. Hence, The Hive offers board games, comfy seating spaces, vending machines, etc. for students.

  • High Security & Care

With 24/7 security, the students are in safe hands. The Hive leaves no stone unturned in maintaining the safety and security of students at all times. Also, it has a doctor-on-call facility for medical emergencies and the needs of students. 

The Hive Hostels has served more than 5000 students in its lifetime. No student has left the PG dissatisfied but happy. If you’re trying to find a PG near Navkar or JK Shah College, this could be a worthwhile choice.

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