How Our Definition of ‘Home’ changes as we grow up!!


How Our Definition of ‘Home’ changes as we grow up!!

How Our Definition of ‘Home’ changes as we grow up!!

‘Our home’ it is a special kind of feeling that nobody can shake. For some people, it is a roof that is earned after years of hard work and for some people, it is heritage passed on by their parents. Once in a lifetime, we all feel a special connection with these four walls and get a sense of belonging. It is one place where we really can be ourselves. It not only protects us from harsh weather and rain but also act as a shield against the bad things in the world. Let us see how our definition of ‘home’ changes from being a child, teenager, adult to becoming old.

As a child: It is said that a child’s heart is the purest and his thoughts are the most unbiased. During our childhood, our home is a safe haven which protects us from all the bad people out there. While going to school, it felt like we are going in a lion’s den and our shield of protection is no more with us. That is the reason why some children cry a lot while going to school. Honestly, I myself was such a cry baby.

home for child like a safe haven

As a teenager: When we grow up, the safe haven becomes more like a prison and we cannot wait to grow up and break free of all the rules and restrictions. We hate the lectures of our parents, we hate the every sealed corner that reminds us that we are trapped. We just count the years on our fingers when we can finally move out into our own house.

home for teenager like a prison

As an Adult: Now we are all grown up, we have a job, we have a family and we have our own house. At this stage of our lives, home means a trophy that we have earned after years of hard work, savings and sleepless nights. It is more of an achievement that we flaunt in front of our relatives and friends(and also secretly hope that they feel jealous).

home for an adult like a trophy

As grandparents: At this point of life, there is no fear and there is no pride, but still there is surely a strong emotional connection with our house. It becomes a symbol of memory, it becomes a camera which has beautifully captured the every moment of our lives. It sometimes takes us back to the exact same moment when we entered the house for the first time or when our kid drew his first painting on the wall.

home for grandparents like a symbol of memory

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