How to enjoy your Whiskey in Its Best Form?


How to enjoy your Whiskey in Its Best Form?

How to enjoy your Whiskey in Its Best Form?

For beginners getting into the world of whiskey is not just a new but altogether a daunting experience. With a wide range and options among so many brands and ways of drinking this liquor, it becomes quite difficult for an amateur to select the right way.

Below is all the necessary information you need to know and guidance you will require becoming a devout whiskey drinker.

Let’s understand the difference between Whiskey, Bourbon, Rye and Scotch.

To all the distilled spirits which are procured out of the grain mash, a general term has been given as ‘whiskey’. There are different types of whiskeys present in the market like Bourbon, Rye, and Scotch which has similar taste and appearance. The minor differences which set them apart from each other are due to the quality of grain used, their aging length and their location of manufacturing.

What are the different types of approaches to drinking whiskey?

Whiskey can be drink in four different ways which totally varies from person to person.

1)  Neat Drink

Many pro drinkers consider the best way to drink whiskey in its neat version. However, this is medically a very bad way drink a fine whiskey as the distilled spirit can damage your food pipe badly.

2)  Mixed With Water

You can mix your drink with water to save your taste buds losing their capacity of tasting the drink. With the long practice of drinking neat whiskey, taste buds usually go numb. The ideal ratio of water to liquor is considered as 3:7.

3)  On the Rocks

If you are one of those drinkers who like to drink their poison ice cold, then you should go for pouring your spirit on some ice cubes.

4)  Cocktail

Various types of cocktails can also be made out of whiskey. However, you can even use a cheap rate whiskey for the same purpose. The quality of the drink hardly matters once you mix your spirit with other drinks.

In the end, it is all about your taste and preference. Honestly speaking, there is no perfect way of drinking alcohol. When you enjoy your drink the most, it automatically becomes the beast way of drinking alcohol.

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