Jaguar XF 2016 Imprints the Commands of Fine-tuning


Jaguar XF 2016 Imprints the Commands of Fine-tuning

Jaguar XF, the mid-sized snazzy sedan heading in the battle upscale heavyweights.

Jaguar XF 2016 Imprints the Commands of Fine-tuning

Revamped in the year 2016, the Jaguar XF purposefully taking part in the battle of heavy weighted elite drives of this class like Mercedes-Benz B-Class and BMW 5 Series. In this segment, the entry of Jaguar drive has always been a marginal player despite being a storied marque to adorned racing drive holding the streak as an old-world charm.

Expressing itself as a first mainstream, Jaguar XF since has collaborated with Indian conglomerate TATA motors, this sporty sedan is like hitting the ground by pressing its reset button for the brand. As it shows forth its new era, the all-new Jaguar XF clears the direction for upcoming siblings Jaguar XE and Jaguar F-Pace SUV.

The price for Jaguar XF starts with $51,485 for its base variant which comes integrated with real-wheel drive mechanism. However, its esteem model deployed with all-wheel drive functionality comes at the price of $59,550. In addition, the diesel-powered new Jaguar XF is all set top hit the automotive market along with its price tag of $48,445.

On the structure of this sporty drive, the brand Jaguar claims that this car comprises light, aluminum chassis having the sole objective of saving weight as well as delivering a powerful shell for enhanced suspension which directly provides optimized ride and precise handling. But if you ask, this claim is not having any mark on the scale. The new Jaguar XF is registered with its original weight standing at 4,175 pounds which signify it is 100 pounds heavier than Audi A6. Alongside, the drive comes integrated with supercharged V6 powertrain coupled with the all-wheel drive system.

Talking about its power, the newly released Jaguar XF is appointed with 3.0-liter supercharged V6 engine generating the power of 340 hp. The same engine comes deployed in Land Rover drive. Its sportier variant generates 40 hp more power standing at 380 hp. Moreover, the brand also proposes another option embracing the capacity of 3.5 liters but no turbo in the powertrain.

What about its Road Etiquettes?

Jaguar XF 2016 exterior

On the road, the new Jaguar XF is light on its feet. It drives into the corner leaning minimum weight on its body, while imparting great driver confidence. When it comes to qualities that make this car stand out, it impressively bolts rolling curves and makes the body be placed constantly. On its handling, this drive has reached an edge over the BMW 5 Series expressing its initial seat time.

With all the defined athleticism, the XF is quite impressive when it comes to its cushy ride. Its suspension mechanism manages to be firm, yet agile covering all the bumps via its appointed 19-inch tires. It is clear that the chassis designers have given their heart during its development.

Focusing more on the driver side, the appointed steering in Jaguar XF conveys the dash of its true feedback, which allows the driver to realize what his front paws are doing at the pavement level. For such driving machine, the employed brake pedals are also suitable enough, providing smooth action.

In terms of power, the Jaguar XF doesn’t experience any shortage as its supercharged powertrain is always available to heave. Alongside, the coupled eight-speed transmission follows all the driver’s requests well. On its downside, its engine produces a mixed which not at all seems refined. Otherwise, this sporty sedan is quite a car.

And when you sit in the car…

Jaguar XF 2016 interior and dashboard

The cabin of new Jaguar XF is well-designed showing prerequisite double stitching just at the right place. But sometimes it gives the feel like something is missing. However, its ambiance is quite a warmth and classic for its look. Its wooden inlays in black color are barely perceptible. With its interior form, it seems like the brand has attempted to work like its German competitor, Cadillac.

In its front side, the seats are pretty inviting, comfortable and supportive, even if you’re heading towards a long cruise. On the rear side, its seats flaunt a good posture but doesn’t seem generous. Getting into the car and out of the car may need some bending, all thanks to its sleek silhouette and low glance.

Jaguar XF 2016 rear seats interior

Coming over to the deployed features, the all-new Jaguar XF comes employed with touch-screen interface integrated with a range of traits such as audio, phone, and navigation functionality. Its pretty a long distance if you want to reach the screen, whereas the shortcuts through steering wheel are limited in the count. The embedded seat heater controls are weighty, ask for a tap on the button, which also blended with the closing function of screen’s intensity. If we talk at the front of ergonomics, we would say Jaguar is running in the dust as compared to BMW and Audi.

Safety Feeling Provided by Jaguar XF…

Jaguar XF 2016 chassis safety

This is another zone, where XF is standing behind its competition since it lacks in active safety aspects. Its base variant merely brings blind spot detection, automatic high beams, and rear cross-traffic alerts. Besides that, the appointed lane departure warning or automatic emergency braking comes with high-end variants of XF.

Concluding Words…

Without a single doubt, we can say that new XF’s chassis comprising a well-functioning suspension, steering, and brakes, but we would say for a drive related to this class, these aspects are not enough, it should show some more. Thus, we would love to see this drive running ahead of its competitors the road. 

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