Tips to Avoid Medical Mistakes in the Hospital


Tips to Avoid Medical Mistakes in the Hospital

Tips to Avoid Medical Mistakes in the Hospital

You can come across the medical errors anytime when you are admitted to a hospital. These medical mistakes can be related to your medicines, surgery, diagnosis, the equipment and your reports.

When you get admitted whether in a normal one or one of the top 10 hospitals, you expect to improve your health, but according to the facts, one out of seven medical patients gets affected by the medicinal mistakes. Most of the mistakes are due to the complex system of healthcare while some are due to the communication between doctors and patients.

Further, we have provided some tips that can make you prevent the medical mistakes and enable you to stay healthy. Take a look:

Common Mistakes in Medicines

1. Make sure that your doctors are aware of all those medicines you are taking. These medicines also comprise all the dietary supplements, vitamins, and herbs.

2. Inform your doctors about the allergies and adverse reactions you can have with particular medicines. So that, the doctor can remove the medicine from your prescription.

3. Ask your doctor to check all your medicines and supplements. Like this, the doctor can also be updated with your medical status.

4. When your doctor writes a prescription for you, ask some questions like:

  • What is the medicine for?

  • How long are you supposed to take it?

  • What can be the side effects?

  • What food, drink and activities, you should avoid while taking the medicines?

  • Is the medicine safe if taken with other supplements?

Common Mistakes in Surgery

1. While having a surgery, be sure that all doctors, nurses and surgeons know what is going to be happen.

2. If you want to go with the options, choose the doctor or hospitals that rich in experience in the same field.

Common Mistakes in Hospital Stays

1. If you are staying in a hospital, you should take care of the hygiene.

2. When you get the discharge from hospital, ask your doctor about the treatment you will follow at home.

Other Tips

1. Do not hesitate, if you have any concerns or queries.

2. Be sure that you are taken care by the primary or experienced doctor.

3. When it is serious, ask your family members or friends to accompany you on the hospital visit.

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