Top 08 Types of Logos For Startups-Get Strategy & Examples


Top 08 Types of Logos For Startups-Get Strategy & Examples

Are you looking to design a logo for your company? What are some of the top logo designs? Should I hire a logo design company? What are some of the top logo design examples? If you are looking for answers to all these questions answer. We will help you with the best thing you need to know for the best logo designs. However, we have discussed all the main points of logo design. Reading this blog you will get to have the best logo design ideas and you can design logos that tell your brand story.

Here we are going to learn the top 8 types of logos for your brand strategy. So, you can align your strategy with your visual identity and communicate strategically from the very first touch point now. 

Designing a Logo and Setting up Strategy For a Company

A logo is one of the visual elements within the brand strategy that plays an important role in attracting customers to a brand. However, a logo design creates the initial appeal that sets the tone for how the brand is expressed and experienced. As the older Dash goes a brand is not a logo though the logo does play a vital role in attracting attention and increasing the memorability of a brand and evoking that memorability and recognition is the primary role of the logo. 

There are no such things that make it hard to have a log for a company. When it comes to the different types of logos Brands can consider when setting out on their branding project. Choosing the correct type of logo is important in a pin visually to your audience and increasing the chances of being Remembered. The buying decision by great logos tells stories and that's why your brand strategy should be the foundational pillar on which your logo is designed.

Now of course that logo is about that memorability but where there is an opportunity to align strategically with your brand- that opportunity needs to be taken up. So, consider the different types of logos with examples. And how you can design the right type of logo to align with your brand strategy. 

Types of Logo Designs and Examples

Here let us start off with the different types of logos. The different types of logos will help you with a good understanding. So, that you design a meaningful logo for your company. So, let us see what are some of the different types of logo designs below.

1. Brand Marks and Pictorial Mark Logo Designs

pictorial mark logo design

The brand marks or pictorial marks also known as logo symbols brand marks are made up of a graphic symbol or icon. That represents a real-world object and it reflects the Brand's Identity or what the brand does. So, when you see such symbols you can easily match the logo with the brand that owns them. The companies can start to identify what the brand actually does through the logo.


Apple's logo is an apple while Twitter's logo is a bird other examples include Target shell Instagram and YouTube as well. It is very literal in the image that they are representing through the logo. What they do now again does not include any of such things that make it difficult. When it comes to creating the logo can represent the brand name. What the brand does so for instance Apple's logo literally represents the apple and the brand name while the YouTube logo depicts a video play button.

The logo design of YouTube represents the video service YouTube is providing right now. These types of logos tend to be popular with startups. Because startups don't have any awareness out there and they want the market to understand as quickly as possible. What they do and these types of logos can be very descriptive in telling the market either who the brand is through the brand name. Who the brand is through what they do and that visual representation can help. The market to understand what the brand does or who they are. We have added the two examples of Brands using this type of pictorial Mark are t-shirts and other top examples that you will love to have for your company.

Thus there are so many examples that you will love to have for your company logo design ideas.  Using different ideas and reaching well will help you with a plethora of things. All these things are so important for brands and it gives them meaning which is really important for startups. The brands that don't have a huge amount of awareness in the marketplace. If you are considering using a brand marker pictorial Mark for your logo ensure that there is a direct or abstract alignment to the products or services.

Using all these the brand offers brand marks are a good choice for brands. Which specializes in one product or service that can be easily represented by an image or some kind of pictorial Mark number.

2. Wordmark Logo Design

wordmark logo design

Wordmark logo is essential actually type-based logo brands use strong typography to create logos. Use their business name to express their brand identity. The disadvantage of a  wordmark logo is that there isn't some kind of visual image to represent what the brand does or represent the Brand's name. But what it lacks in that visual representation it makes up for with the name sitting front and center. There are a number of different reasons. Brands might do this and depend on the style of the brand and what they do would depend on the typography.

In this logo designers choose the typeface that they use for a wordmark logo to be effective; the choice of typography and its characteristics must align with the strategy. The attributes that the brand has defined for example a brand that aims to celebrate its long-standing Heritage might do well.

Here you should consider a more traditional type from a relative period. If you can't find a relevant font or an existing font to align with the look and feel of that.


You aim to create a  custom typeface. This would add to the uniqueness of the wordmark examples of brands that use wordmarks include Coca-Cola, Uber, Tiffany, and Co Subway Kellogg's, and eBay.

3. Abstract Logo Designs

abstract logomark design

The abstract logo marks now abstract logo marks are a type of pictorial logo. They don't have a recognizable image; they're usually abstract geometric forms that are custom-made for a brand to express its uniqueness. Thus the advantage of this type of logo is that it gives Brands enough room to design and create a logo. Which showcases and communicates their brand personality and their uniqueness. Some popular companies use abstract logo marks.


This includes Pepsi Adidas Nike and Airbnb as well. Of course, alongside the advantage of that creativity, there is a disadvantage of this type of logo mark.

We can be too abstract and if it is too abstract then the main not be any type of meaning there. Whatsoever could be a missed opportunity now at the end of the day the job of the logo is to be memorable. But there is also an opportunity to create meaning as well. If you can create an abstract mark that gives some kind of meaning and some kind of creativity about the uniqueness of the brand then make sure you take that opportunity to provide that meaning alongside the uniqueness and memorability as well.

4. Moscot Logo Designs

mascot logo design

The mascot logos are illustrated characters as visual representations of the brand such characters can be fictitious or real people that are usually referred to as the Brand's spokesperson or Ambassador. The characters used in mascots can be a great tool for communicating with the audience and they can take on this kind of human Persona whether they're human characters or animal characters. They can take on these human personas and actually talk directly to the audience through marketing campaigns or throughout the brand experience.


Examples of Brands using mascot logos include  KFC, Pringles Geico, and MailChimp.  When you look, mascots are a great way to add personality to a brand and really embody the attributes that the brand sets out within the brand strategy but only brands that want to communicate a lighthearted approach should play in this space.

If your brand brings an element of fun into the lives of your audience or you simply want to communicate that you're a lighthearted approach within your market. Then a mascot logo could work for you.

5. Combination Marks

Burger king logo design

The combination marks are probably the most flexible option. When we consider what we've seen so far.

  • We have seen the pictorial or the brand mark. 

  • We've looked at the word mark. 

  • We've also looked at the abstract mark logo designs.

Here we will talk about the combined one that gives you the ability to combine buying all three of those. They give you the best of both worlds because you have the visual aspect of the image or the pictorial mark. You also have the benefit of the word mark as well. All these can be used in combination and they can be stacked differently formed but it also gives you that flexibility to use just the icon in some circumstances.

In order to use just the word mark in other circumstances and to use the combination of the two to communicate.  who you are as a brand, the brand name, and also the potential meaning of that brand into the marketplace to give the audience an understanding. Who the brand is and what it's all about as well examples of Brands.


Using the combination mark logos include Lacoste,  Burger King, Adidas,  Chanel logo design, and Mercedes-Benz.

6. Emblems Logo Designs

emblem logo design

The emblems are crests Badges and seals used by brands to promote their traditional values. Emblem logos are designed by placing fonts and icons to provide unique logos in a unique or traditional-looking form.


The well-known brands using crest logos include Starbucks, Harley-Davidson, BMW, Juventus, and Volkswagen. So organizations like schools, government logos, sports clubs and the auto industry. Brands with long traditions tend to use this type of logo if they want to communicate. With a sense of tradition or high standards, the emblem logo may be a legitimate option for your brand. You need to keep your emblem logo as simple as possible to avoid clutter. Remember the primary job of the logo is memorability.

7. Dynamic Mark Logo Designs

Dynamic marks as the name imply dynamic mark logos are created in different forms. So that they can easily adapt to different branches or segments of the brand or different sub-brands. For each variation of the dynamic mark an element of the low go changes. So this might be the color, the text, the shape, or the icon. Examples of brands using dynamic marks are FedEx, Google, Nickelodeon,  and Virgin. All these types of logos can be viable options for Brands operating across multiple market segments or multiple markets. It's also a viable option for a branded house setup where the parent brand has a brand portfolio and that portfolio of brands is serving different markets. Which include FedEx and Virgin logo designs an example.

Dynamic marks are flexible by Nature; it is key to keep an element of consistency across the board. So, the logo variations are aligned with the number eight letter marks or Monograms.


The letter mark logos are created using the letters of a brand's initials think of brands like international business machines also known as IBM, Cable News Network CN,  Hewlett-Packard HP, and Life's good LG. In most cases, the majority of the market doesn't know the real names of the brand and only identify them by their initials. The simplicity and being able to make the brand more memorable but obviously. This is a strategic decision that comes from the very top within the brand strategy- just a side note on initialism. It's not always the best option and there are definitely some other options out there. Which will allow you to provide the market with more meaning and memorability for your brand as well. Because for the most part, most people don't understand what the letters represent.

As we discussed, that is a missed opportunity to provide the market with some kind of meaning as to what the brand does so. Again this is a decision that comes from the very top within the business and the brand strategy. You need to take your time to consider whether initialism is right for you or your brand.

8. Latter Form Logo Designs

lettermark logo design

Letter forms are one-letter logos and miniature versions of letters mark the letter. The logo is usually the first letter of the company's name. Sometimes companies create this type of logo as a complement to an existing logo and as a supplement or a team player in the overall brand identity successful letterforms. It can be the preferred choice of logo use over time as more recognized examples of brands using letter forms are Netflix, McDonald's, and Facebook.

Of course, if you already have a brand that's popular in the market and you have some awareness out there. You can create a letter-form logo for your brand if you're able to take that and make it memorable. If your brand has high levels of awareness introducing a letter from mark may help to increase levels of brand recognition it also helps in the recall.


The thing that sets iconic brands apart is the memorability and effectiveness of their logos. Consider brands like Apple, McDonald's, Twitter, Netflix, Facebook and even  Toyota each one of these Brands boasts a simple.

The strategy you should be following for the best logo design

The immediately recognizable logo such logos are often the product of a rigorous design process. Though many organically evolve over time memorable logos with high levels of recognition all adhere to these principles the simpler your logo.

The easier it is to recognize and remember whether on a billboard or a bottle cap in this digital age. Where people interact with brands on their mobile devices logos need to be clear no matter what the size of the screen someone is viewing from. You need to make your logo design attractive enough,  your logo has to be visually appealing in a way that easily attracts. The customer. When creating a brand logo be clear about what your message is and which visuals can help you to communicate that message there are certain emotions. The feelings you want to evoke and knowing the right shapes, sizes, colors, tones, and typography can help you to evoke those feelings.

It needs to be distinctive. The job of your logo is to make your brand easy to remember and recognize. When stacked alongside competitors and other non-competing brands as well. When creating your logo for your brand, look to your competitors not for what you should do but what you shouldn't do. It should be timeless when planning your logo, don't follow trends, what's trendy today will look dated in a few years time. Think long term, a change of logo is synonymous with a major brand strategy overhaul.

So this is not something that you should do often, it certainly shouldn't happen. Often for your brand your logo design should remain relevant despite emerging trends and market changes your logo should also be relevant. So it should be relevant to your business and what you do the shapes, the images, and the typefaces used in the logo should be in line with what the brand is about and how that brand wants to be perceived in the market. A relevant logo gives people an internal feel of the sense of meaning that the brand represents and an understanding of the value of that Brand. And what it could mean in their lives of course your logo should be memorable. Your business is just one out of millions of businesses vying for the attention of your customers.

That’s why you should carefully create a logo that people can easily recall from their memory and as always. Simplicity and distinctiveness are the keys to memorability. It goes without saying that your logo should look professional in modern markets.


Your company logo should also be scalable. Logos are used in different media from mobile ads to billboard ads to car wraps and bottle caps. And your company logo is used everywhere in between the final  Vector of your brand logo needs to look sharp at every size and on every single touch point. The logo is a part of your brand visual identity and the overall brand strategy and it's usually. The first thing that people see when interacting with your brand. It only takes a few seconds for customers to make a judgment about your company.

It is made based on what they've seen so tune up your brand strategy. To create logos that will convey the right message about your brand to your target audience.

When you go for the logo design by hiring a logo designer. You get to have creativity as we discussed. It means there are no rules but certain designs portray different attributes. When you understand the message that you want to put out in the marketplace. Then you're better prepared to choose a design or a logo form. One that is going to best represents you in the market. So take the time to first define the strategy of your brand, and the message that you want to put out there in the marketplace. Then engage a designer to work alongside you to make sure that you're putting out that message into the market from the very first touch point.

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