Top 5 Activities You Must Do If You Are In Kasauli


Top 5 Activities You Must Do If You Are In Kasauli

We all will agree to the fact that we love holidays and also plan them. We want to live the fullest of that time. If you are visiting a hill station like Kasauli then you need to plan the activities first you gonna do there. These activities can include finding cottages in Kasauli and planning places to visit or eat. Today we are going to discuss the best type of activities you can do while you are in Kasauli, so you can enjoy your vacation completely. So, let us dig into the activities you can do. Here you go.

Activities to Do in Kasauli

  • Sight-Seeing-

If you are in Kasauli and not sightseeing is the same go to a restaurant and do not eat. In a hill station like Kasauli and if you do not enjoy nature then there is no point in going there. The best part about Kasauli is that you can enjoy sunsets and sunrises from the best locations because there are points for such activities where you can peacefully enjoy nature. Apart from that, naturally, you can see hills covered with snow in winter.                                                                                                                        

  • Tracking-

The second activity you must try especially when you are out with friends, cousins or solo trip is tracking. You can find spots where you can track a specific distance and then enjoy sunrises. If you are willing to track for a longer distance then you must try different trails in Kasauli. The main spot where everyone can track is Gilbert trail because it is just 1.5 km long. So, you can find one of the closest Kasauli luxury resorts and start tracking early morning so that you catch the sunrise.

  • Shopping-

The thing you can do at almost every place is shopping because if you are going to a new place and do get something from there as memory is next to impossible. This is why explore the authentic taste of Himachal Pradesh. You cannot miss some winter collections of hill stations and dry fruits on Mall Road, the biggest shopping market in Kasauli. It is the biggest local market where you can everything you need from clothing to home decor, and much more.

  • Bird-Watching-

One more activity you can do in Kasauli is bird-watching. If you are a bird lover or nature lover then you must do this activity. Kasali is one of the peaceful places where you can enjoy bird-watching and experience the most beautiful types of birds and their activities. So, you should include this activity in your plan.

  • Explore Food-

Even if you live in the best cottages in Kasauli still you need to experience local market food in Kasauli. Exploring food is the best activity one can do. You can also explore the winery in Kasauli if you like to taste good alcohol. But apart from local or regional food, there are different types of cuisines are available at the place which you should experience with the cultural touch. Finding a place to eat can be the best adventure you can experience for that place and a memory for a lifetime. So, you must explore the food in Kasauli.

Summing Up

At the end of this blog, we can summarize that Kasauli is a great place to explore and experience all these activities. Kasauli Hills Resort can provide you with Kasauli luxury resorts at very affordable prices so that you can enjoy your stay with the overall trip experience. This is why for booking a resort or a room check out their website today and ensure a memorable stay in Kasauli.   

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