Top Actor and Actresses in Kollywood that Has Earned Name


Top Actor and Actresses in Kollywood that Has Earned Name

We have discussed all the top actors and actresses in Kollywood. The actors and actresses have earned a good name in Tamil Cinema. Some actors and actresses have worked in multi-Indian languages with different roles in the movies- whether it is Rajinikanth, Suriya, Urvashi Rautela, Dhanush, Aakansha Singh, or any other actor or actress.

The top actors and actresses added in this article currently have many movies and are old. You will get the best info to have it for you. We have mentioned the current ego clash between Kollywood actresses, which is increasing in Kollywood. Let us see Kollywood's top actors and actresses and what is being run in the current about them. So, Read the article to know Kollywood's top actors and actresses.

Top Actresses of Kollywood

Here are the top actresses of Kollywood you should know about. Read below to know the top actresses of Kollywood. Check out the current news about them, such as Ego Clash between them.

Urvashi Rautela

Urvashi Rautela - Wikipedia

The actress Urvashi Rautela has played many roles in South Films. Urvashi Rautela is now in the trend. Currently, she will be playing her role with Saravaran Arul. Director JD Jerry is the one who is making the movie with these two actresses. Urvashi Rautela has played her role in movies like Great Grand Masti, Pagalpanti, and Hate Story 04 in Bollywood.

Sobhita Dhulipala

Sobhita Dhulipala - Wikipedia

The actress Sobhita Dhulipala has played her role in both Hindi and Tamil. Now she will be working in the much-awaited magnum opus Ponniyin Selvan- within this, it will feature a bevy of stars. Sobhita Dhulipala has the expertise and training as a classical dancer, and she has been roped in the role of the princess as she has expertise in Kuchipudi and Bharatanatyam.

Aakansha Singh

Aakanksha Singh - Wikipedia

She will be seen making inroads in Kollywood with the bilingual project Clap. Prithvi Aditya directs the movie, and Actress Aakansha Singh plays the role of a hockey player.

Anushka Shetty

Anushka Shetty - Wikipedia

The actress Anushka Shetty leased three top films back to back, making her come in the trend in 2013. The films she has worked on were popular films of Kollywood. Other states viewers saw another thing about their top movies from her. The movies were Alex Pandian, Singam 2, and Irandam Ulagam. Other reasons also make her come to the top and deliver her work as the top actress in Kollywood.

Srinidhi Shetty

Srinidhi Shetty - Wikipedia

Actress Srinidhi Shetty is the one who has played her role in popular movies like KGF. She will see the movie's sequel, which was announced as a grand theatrical release in July.

Top Actors in Kollywood

Below are the top actors of Kollywood that have worked outstandingly in several movies of Kollywood. Let us see who are the top actors in Kollywood.


Rajinikanth - Wikipedia

Rajinikanth is also known as Shivaji Rao, and Shivaji Rao is his birth name. He has multi skills that make him outstanding from other actors. He is a screenplay writer, producer, and actor too.


Dhanush filmography - Wikipedia

The actor Dhanush has been seen in several popular films in Kollywood. The actor's full name is Venkatesh Prabhu Kasthuri Raja. The actor Dhanush has worked in many films released in recent years. However, the actor Dhanush has other filmmaking work experience also. Dhanush has worked as a writer, producer, director, playback singer, and others. The actor began his career in the Tamil film in 2002. 

The movie's name is Thulluvadho Ilamai. The actor Dhanush has worked making his movies in different languages, including Hindi films. The Hindi film that he has worked in is named Raanjhanaa. And in the English language movie name known as "The Extraordinary Journey of The Fakir. " These are some things about the actor and his journey to be an actor in Kollywood and working in other languages and the film industry.

Kamal Hassan

Kamal Haasan - Wikipedia

The actor Kamal Hassan is another top actor in Kollywood. He also has multiple roles in the film industry. Kamal Hassan has also worked as a screenwriter, producer, and actor. The actor Kamal Hassan came into Tamil films long before and started his acting career.


Vijay filmography - Wikipedia

You may have seen many films of Vijay- where he has played his role. His work in Kollywood has made him outstanding. He has played his role in many films in the current year.


Suriya - Wikipedia

Suriya is another actor that has worked in many films. However, he has primarily worked in Tamil films only. He has worked as a producer and television presenter. He started his acting career in the Tamil film Nerukku Ner in 1997.


Ajith Kumar - Wikipedia

However, Ajith is one of the top actors in the Tamil film industry. The actor's full name is Ajith Kumar Subramaniam, popularly known as Ajith. He is also the one that has primarily worked in Tamil films compared to other actors from Kollywood. The actor Ajith Kumar Subramaniam started his career as a child actor. Where the actor has his role as a child, a school-going student in En Veedu En Kanavar in 1990. The actor had his lead role in the Tamil film Amaravathi in 1993.


Vikram (2022 film) - Wikipedia

Vikram has another birth name; he is known as Kenney John Victor. He has worked as a model and in various advertisements and television serials. He worked in six episodes named Galatta Kudumbam in the year of 1988.

So, these are some of the personalities at the top you will find in Kollywood. However, other actors and actresses have also made Tamil Cinema come to the top. We have mentioned all about them.

What is Ego Clash Between Kollywood's Top Actresses?

Recently you may have heard about ego clashes between the top actresses in Kollywood. Tamil cinema, or Kollywood, is facing a clash between the top actresses of Kollywood. However, Kollywood has brought many actresses and actors. 

The clash between the top actors and actresses between the top actresses. Which you may have yet to see in the past year. The ego clash made everything mixed up between the top actresses of Tamil Cinema.

There is other information also that you can embark on to read about. We have added them all on this site. They all will help you to have the info you are looking to have for you.

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