What Are The Benefits Of Using Cow Dung Paint?


What Are The Benefits Of Using Cow Dung Paint?

If you are looking for a cow dung paint plant manufacturer to know the benefits of using this paint then we might have good news for you. Today, we will discuss the advantages of cow dung paints so that you can know the advantages and then decide if you want to buy cow dung paint or not for your dream project. This will help you understand how cow dung paint can be helpful to replace traditional chemical paints. So let us dig deeper. Here you go.

Advantages of Cow Dung Paints

  • Chemical and Toxicant Free-

Cow dung paint is free from any kind of chemical or toxicant. This means it is highly recommended for people who are allergic to paint and also have breathing issues. This paint does not have any kind of chemical included even in manufacturing so you can count it in 100% natural paints. Cow dung paints are available in many color options for your interiors as well. So, with the help of such natural paint, you do not need to compromise your health.

  • Affordable-

Even if it has zero chemicals or toxicants, you can get these paints from a cow dung paint plant manufacturer at very affordable prices. They are easily extracted from cow dung refiners and the process is not very easy still the prices are very cost-effective. You can get cow dung paints at lesser prices than other traditional paints available in the market. The average rate of distemper is Rs. 120 and the plastic emulsion is Rs. 230.

  • Smell Free-

The best quality of cow dung paints is their smell-free nature. People who have paint allergies start with the dorky smell of chemical paints which is almost unbearable and this makes people leave their homes during the painting process. But with cow dung paints you do not have to do that. If you are allergic to the smell of the paint then you do not need to get sick whenever you need to paint your home with natural paints.

  • Hassle-Free Application-

If you choose cow dung paint for your home then you do not need to take care of drying it for hours. Some paints do not dry easily you need to leave them overnight fr get dry completely. But if you buy cow dung paint from a cow dung paint plant manufacturer then you get to know it takes 4-5 hours to get dried completely. This is why it is very easy to apply. The maintenance is also very simple it does not get stained easily and you can clean it without any chemicals with a wet cloth or wet sponge.

  • Anti-bacterial and Anti-fungal Properties-

Last but not least quality of cow dung paints is anti-bacterial and anti-fungal property. They are completely safe for people with weak immunity, especially kids and animals. So, you can apply this paint without worrying about any kind of anti-bacterial or fungal reactions. It protects the wall against all kinds of bacteria and fungi so your wall can look just like new for years.

Last Words

The moral of the story is that you must try cow dung or natural paints to get cost-efficient and way better product results than regular paint. If you want to start a business of cow dung paint then UEC India has a range of equipment and also a wire bar coater. So, to know more please check out the website now!!

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