What Are The Types Of GSMs In Different Papers?


What Are The Types Of GSMs In Different Papers?

If you are wondering about the variety of papers then you must know there are different types of papers. Although not many people are aware of the fact that there are different categories in a paper, still you need to select a paper according to the application. With the help of a digital GSM testing machine, you can calculate and segregate different types of papers. These types of papers depending on what you are planning to print. Is it a brochure? Is it a report or a newspaper? Is it a business card? In this blog, we will get a rough idea of different types of papers based on GSM (Grams per Square Meter). So let us find out.

Types of GSM Papers

-> 80-110 GSM-

This is the most common type of paper that is used in letterheads. This type of paper is too thin for color. You cannot be impressed by the quality of the paper that is using this GSM but surely it is the best type for reports. Also, the most cost-effective and efficient GSM for the long run is this paper. If you are going to print only reports and letterheads and writing papers then stick to the 80-110 GSM category for efficient business and resource utilization.

-> 120-210 GSM-

This category of GSM and this type of paper is perfectly appropriate for presentations and brochures. The best quality of these papers is they are perfect for double-sided printing. This is because They show minimal text to the other side. This category has good quality and thickness of printing paper so that you can get a glossy finish. With the help of a digital GSM testing machine, you can identify your paper to use in manufacturing.

-> 250-300+ GSM-

The best quality of paper is slotted in this category because, in this business territory, these papers are best for business cards. Also, they are amazing for the posters as well because of their splendid quality you will hardly see any tears or rips. If you are in the business of high-quality business cards then this category is for you and this type of paper is also good for the front and back covers of your presentation reports. If you use thai paper in the form of your report where your company’s logo is printed then it will pleasantly amaze your readers.


At last, it can be said that the different types of papers mentioned here are good for different types of businesses and applications of papers. UEC India is a leading platform where you can get different types of equipment to test GSM and also a bursting strength tester to test the bursting strength of the paper. To know more please check out the website today.

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