What is student Housing? A detailed guide


What is student Housing? A detailed guide

Mumbai is well-known as the land of dreams, due to the career opportunities it provides to individuals. Once a student gets a selection call from his desired college, the next step is finding student housing Mumbai Vile Parle. Before finding out a student housing, it is important to understand what student housing is and how to identify these. 

What is student housing?

Student housing can be identified to be an emerging trend that differentiates itself pg or standard hostels. These housings are developed solely with a focus on students and provide them with the required facilities. Such housing facilities can be defined to be modern from of hostels, in which the students have access to facilities similar to their homes. Such housing facilities are much more convenient for students due to the options available. 

As compared to PGs and hostels, student housing provides a more secure environment and modern facilities. Such includes Wifi, smart housing solutions, proper parking facilities, guest houses for guardians/parents, gymnasiums, and access to co-curricular activities. Hence good student housing Mumbai Vile Parle has the defined amenities. 

Factors to consider while looking for student housing in Mumbai

  • Cost: Finding student housing in Mumbai and in locations such as Vile Parle and near KC College may get expensive. Depending upon the services offered the cost of pg near KC College Mumbai may vary. 

  • Location: In the process of searching for appropriate student housing, it is important to consider the location. It may include the distance from the college. As it is important to ensure your stay is as close as possible so that unnecessary time involved in traveling can be avoided. 

  • Formalities: It is also important to take into consideration the major formalities that are required/followed by the housing. As there is a need for legal verification, strict timings for guardian/parent/friend visits. 

  • Statements: Along with such it is also important to ensure that all the costs or deposits taken by the student housing are clearly mentioned. 


It can be concluded that considering your requirements, you should focus on planning the best stay possible. As such stay has a direct impact on your studies and physical/mental health. The Hive Hostels provides you with best-in-class student housing Mumbai Vile Parle as well as the best pg near KC College Mumbai.

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