Why are Scotch Drinkers the Greatest People?


Why are Scotch Drinkers the Greatest People?

Why Are Scotch Drinkers The Greatest People?

If you are a drinker of scotch, you should be out and proud. If you are still thinking about the reason, let me give you plenty of them.

1)  The Statement Image of a Scotch Drinker

There's an idea of what a scotch-drinker looks like. Generally, the scotch drinker is imagined as tall attractive personality and by any chance if you look petite and way too humble, then get ready to face that special grin of the bartending while making your drink.

2)  They Are the Real Drinker

Scotch isn't like a mixed drink, all mixed with cream, decorated with cherries and topped with a sugar or salt frame. Scotch is just scotch. It goes in small quantities in a glass leaving room for more every time. You will be surprised to know that even bartenders have a special respect for you because you keep it real. And they like that.

3)  Those Classy Old School Manners

Scotch is usually considered as a classy old school drink and if you drink scotch, you probably have manners. Also, scotch drinkers are always excited to introduce someone to scotch from their own glass.

4)  They Make It Alive

Most of the scotch drinkers are the folks who will keep a party alive. They might look serene and mature, but when the time of the evening comes, it's the scotch drinker who is most expected to say, "Let’s Party." 

5)  The Best Storytellers Around

If someone is holding a glass of scotch and expounding, just stop and listen to him. Scotch drinkers are excellent storytellers. Every word they say will be believed. They can make even the most unexciting and stupid tale appear amusing, pleasing, and totally worth of your time.

6)  No More Hangovers

Scotch Drinkers are the more refined and sorted fellows. They know where to stop. Hence, no hangovers for them.

If you are done reading, get all the scotch you have in the house! Drink it, flaunt it and repeat it.

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