Why to Pick an SUV over Sedan?


Why to Pick an SUV over Sedan?

Why to Pick an SUV over Sedan?

SUVs or Sport Utility Vehicles have been favorites of car freaks due to their comfort and excessive spaciousness. Plus the SUVs power is definitely a way ahead than any other car form, whether its sedan or hatch. Basically, SUVs are designed by considering off-roads and tough terrains, thus, an outdoor, independent or strong man can easily associate himself with this kind of vehicle.

Here we have presented some reasons for why SUV have a superior edge as compared to sedans. Have a look:

Seating Capacity

With seating capacity, we mean how many people can easily fit into the car. It is understood that interior space depends on exterior dimensions, and the car comprising congested sitting space, can never be the choice of any car lover. Thus, SUV gets an advantage in terms of seating capacity as these sort of cars provides ample space inside.

Ground Clearance

If we are talking about SUVs, then ground clearance has to be one of the focus points. Due to their higher ground clearance, these cars delivers breathtaking off-road capabilities. Alongside, it completes the aspect of practicality and also make the contribution in improvised handling and performance.

Superior Visibility

Visibility depends on your seating position, and here SUVs get the advantage. These kinds of cars have higher seating position, hence, they provide the facility to see a clear and sharp vision of the roads.

All Terrain Drive

Whether its paved edge or gravel, an SUV can easily make its way. All thanks to its huge tires accompanied with flexible suspension, and open treads. SUV’s all terrain drive trait makes it hold the name in versatile car forms.

Maintenance Cost

You can’t afford to ignore the maintenance cost of your car, because when you buy a high-priced mean machine, then it is must to maintain it. Now, if you compare the cost of SUV with sedans, then surely SUV will charge you less.

Let’s compare a sedan (Chrysler 200) with an SUV (Volkswagen Touareg) and see who scores better:


Chrysler 200

VW Touareg

Seating Capacity



Ground Clearance

148 mm

200 mm




All Terrain Drive



Maintenance Cost



Therefore, the figures are in front of you and you can easily evaluate that bigger cars with better services stands at the upper edge of sleek and compact cars. But in the end, the choice is yours!

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