Wondering About Kajal Or Eyeliner Which Is Better? Let’s Find Out


Wondering About Kajal Or Eyeliner Which Is Better? Let’s Find Out

See, it is a never-ending war between kajal and eyeliner lovers on Kajal or eyeliner which is better. But the answer is not always yes or no, and black or white. It sometimes can be grey. In this blog, we will focus on the factors on which you can decide which is better for you between kajal and eyeliner. This will help you understand the pattern and occasion where you can fit your eyeliner or kajal look. So, let us dig into that. Here you go.

How Should You Decide?

  • Based on Occasions-

If you are wondering how can occasion matters in deciding between kajal and eyeliner then you must know it does. For example, if you are going for a day pool/beach party, shopping, hang-out with friends, or on a lunch date then eyeliner can be the perfect choice for your day occasions. You can wear it on a weekday to your office. On the other end if you going club, a night party, a dinner, or a wedding then kajal is a perfect highlighter for your eyes to make them shine. So, do not stick with one question, Kajal or eyeliner which is better, choose accordingly.

  • Based on Dresses-

Now, the second factor is what is your dressing mode. You can dress up casually, professionally, fancy, or subtly depending on the occasion. But wearing kajal or eyeliner with the mood and dress matters a lot. So, be wise and select according to your dress. For example, wearing a kajal in professional office attire might not go but eyeliner with a casual jumpsuit can so pick according to your vibe. You can also pick different colors of eyeliners and kajals according to your outfit. Also, you can experiment with both eyeliner and kajal according to your look and makeup.

  • Based on Skin-shades-

Although it does not really matter what skin shade you have when it comes to wearing eyeliner or kajal. Still, it can affect your look. For example, if you have a bright complexion and dark circles then you might hide them with makeup but your eyes can tell your tiredness easily. But with the help of kajal, you can hide them and turn your tiredness into a smashing smoky eye look. Just like that, picking a good color of eyeliner, also can brighten up your skin and compliment your complexion.

  • Based on Eyes-

Now, one of the most important factors is your eyes. Duh!! Your eye size and color matter the most because eventually, you are going to apply kajal or eyeliner on your eyes. So, before knowing Kajal or eyeliner which is better, know what will suit your eyes. 

If you have small eyes then it is suggested that you consider kajal more than liner because they can highlight your eyes more. Likewise, if you have moderate or bigger eyes then go for a blog and thick eyeliner stroke will work for you better. This also applies to eye color if you have a lighter shade of eyes like light brown, grey, or green then go for liner because your eyes already have the pop but need a little nurturing and shine which can be obtained with eyeliner. For darker eye shades like black, dark brown, and blue kajal will add more spark and pop.

Summing Up

At the end of this blog, we can say that both eyeliner and kajal are good according to different factors as mentioned in the blog above. But more important is to trust a good brand and platform to buy cosmetics like Recode Studios. You can get a variety of cosmetics and hair care products and also a wide range of Bhu Botanicals products and many more here. To know more please visit the website now!

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