Top 10 Electrical Estimating Software: Ratings and Reviews

The reviewing segment lists top 10 Electrical Estimating software that are performing best in serving various businesses operating in the world. The residential electrical estimating tools listed here also provide free trial services for a certain period of time.

What is an Electrical Estimating software?

Estimating software listed by virtuous reviews provide an intelligent solution in your electrical estimation needs. Paper estimating is no more an option in today's competitive world. You need to be fast and accurate at the same time so if you are tired of estimating your electrical needs then the electrical estimating software reviews by virtuous reviews will definitely provide you a great solution.

You can enjoy all the advantages like true material prices, labor units, trade specific estimating and lot more. These options also include a database and online plan rooms. The efficient team here at virtuous reviews puts in rigorous efforts to provide ratings and reviews of those software which consist of all the features.

Top 10 reviews of Electrical estimating software by our team of skilled professionals are recognized by people worldwide and they are enjoying the benefits which are an outcome of our extensive research. As we at virtuous reviews are making efforts in digging out the best options half of your work is done here only. So you also make use of this massive advantage and make profitable electrical estimates.

Importance of using Electrical Estimating software:-

It is basically a collection of information, important processes and programs that help electrical contractors with accurate and consistent bids. Compared to other estimating activity, electrical estimation is very important, it cannot be overlooked due to certain reasons. The software provides the users with various important outputs including job phase summary, full bid, quote requests and material lists. It requires a little data input. The estimation was done manually earlier that was much time consuming procedure. With the advancement in technology, we now have a functional software dedicated to electrical estimating.


  • Bid summaries - The software generates instant bid summaries reducing the time this process used to take earlier.
  • Material database - It generates material database in no time.
  • Dynamic takeoffs - This feature allows contractors to calculate quantities for components.


  • Accurate expense - Accurate expense estimation for any business keeps significance.
  • Internet based application - All you need is a browser to avail the advantages of electrical estimating software.
  • Additional features - It helps users create list of frequently used items and also minimizes the time your staff takes to search.