Top 10 Home Builder CRM Software: Ratings and Reviews

If you want to sell more homes, increase closure rates and maximize every sales opportunity, explore the list of top 10 Home Builder CRM software. You can choose the best home builder client relationship management software to find the right solution for your business.

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Homebuilder CRM software makes the entire sales process of homebuilder automatic. Specifically designed to support the home building industry, this software allows users to write contracts, manage warranties and track sales information. With the help of this software, sales managers can control and manage their relationships with all their leads and run effective marketing campaigns.

We are prominent ratings and reviewing segment which works on latest strategy and research. Our team keeps on trying every latest technology in reviewing the best possible options.

So, focusing on all these aspects Virtuous Reviews analyses all the well designed software of this niche very deeply. After our rigorous and extensive research, we unfold the list of those software which have the potential to manage your business. If you want to get rid of the hectic task of searching a good Home Builder CRM software then Virtuous Reviews is always at your service.

How to choose the right Home Builder CRM software?

What should you look for in order to make the best decision for your company?  Below, I've bulleted out several items and questions to consider:

  • Is it easy to use?
  • Does it integrate with any other systems you're using? (does it have an API)

Example - Email tools such as Mailchimp or Constant Contact

Example - Marketing Automation tools such as HubSpot or Marketo

Example - Project Management tools such as Co-Construct or Build Tools

  • Does the price fit your budget?
  • Does it have the basic features you need right now?
  • Does it have additional features that you will need in the future?
  • What kind of training do they offer?
  • What does the on-going support look like?


  • Automatic Follow-up with emails and tasks for Leads, Referrals, Clients and Past Clients  Home builder CRM automatically schedules follow-ups and sends emails on your behalf in order to keep in front of leads, referrals, clients and past clients.
  • Telemarketer Access Home builder CRM can be setup to allow telemarketers to access the system or send leads in externally so they come right into the database.
  • Website or Social Media Requests Web forms for your website leads can be set to come directly into the system.  Once they are in, they can be automatically assigned to a rep and be part of the automatic follow-up process.
  • Sales and Service Rep Notifications (email, text, phone) instantly notify reps of appointments, new leads via email phone.
  • Referral Management home builder CRM allows referral partners to add leads or contacts directly into your database via the web form or referral portal.
  • Reporting  has built-in reporting to help track staff, deals and progress of activities.
  • Tracking Deals/Proposals has a feature called opportunities which allow the ability to put a dollar figure next to the product or service being sold. In addition, any proposals can be attached to the contacts.


  • Better marketing efforts - Many of these programs include templates and support for websites, newsletters or other marketing documents to improve the quality, and as a result, conversion rates. They also help target the marketing so that the right buyers are receiving the right messages, and help create campaigns to fulfill on the overall marketing strategy.
  • Increased efficiency - Homebuilding CRM programs typically include document control and contract templates that can be sent directly to the prospective buyer. This reduces the time spent on document generation and sharing. Add to this all the lead tracking and marketing capabilities, it’s easy to see how a home building CRM can make a homebuilder’s sales much more efficient.
  • Better close rates - The increase in efficiency, and the ability to walk customers through the process leads to happier customers who are more likely to close and buy your property. This leads directly to improved profits since sales reps won’t have to re-sell the same property over and over again.