Quote Management Software Reviews

Virtuous Reviews provides you with the list of best Quote Management Software, which includes designing as well as automating the Quotation of the client. It aims majorly to enhance the client’s business efficiency in generating quotations, emailing, maintain billing along with the shipping information.

What is Quote Management?

Quote Management basically includes designing or automating the client’s System. The main goal is to enhance the business efficiencies of the client in generating quotations, emailing the quotations, maintaining information about billing and shipping. The quotations generated serve as an input to CMS. Client managed quotation by maintaining the spreadsheets as there is no central repository. The quotations has been sent to the prospects and customers are usually created manually.


  • Web based quote management process allows you to maximize performance.
  • Quicker conversion of current quotes into the contracts.
  • Advanced reporting allows forecasting of the business projection which shows the success ratio for the quotations.


  • Ability to manage the billing and shipping information
  • Provides user friendly web interface to enhance generation and management of quotation
  • Seamless integration for faster information sharing as well as processing