Walkthrough Software Reviews

Virtuous Reviews provides the list of top 10 Walkthrough Software that enables businesses to create real-time interactive guides on their web platform. Choose the best Walkthrough Software that allows you to create in-application tutorials to guide the users of your web application

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Walkthrough software allows users to set up feature tours, tooltips, overlaid instructions, interactive guides, or in-line documentation for software products. Software walkthroughs are significantly different from product demos, videos, or training courses in that they provide help or simulations within the users' actual account/instance, as they are using the product, rather than in a sandbox.

Walkthrough software is closely related to customer experience management, help desk platforms (which may offer in-app help via chat, a product wizard, or self-service articles) and live chat/in-app messaging tools. It may also be called guided help software, software for creating product tours, or onboarding software--though this term should not be confused with onboarding software in the HR sense, usually a part of talent management suites, which tends to handle paperwork and administrative workflows related to hiring new employees.


  • Analyze users behaviour - Get insights how your users are using your application. Where they are seeking help, whether they are completing tutorials and reaching their goals.
  • Walkthroughs, Tooltips and Launchers - Create not just step-by-step tutorials. Make tooltips for your web application on the fly.
  • Fastest Authoring tool - Easy to use authoring tool allows you and your team to create and update tutorials as a group in minutes. No coding skills needed.
  • Automation - Automatically launch walkthrough for first-time users and guide them through your product.


  • Automate your helpdesk
  • Significantly reduce support tickets
  • Solve problems directly instead of writing about them.
  • Increase employee efficiency
  • Simplify processes
  • Fewer support tickets