Top 10 Benefit Administration Software: Ratings and Reviews

Virtuous Reviews lists the Top 10 Benefits Administration Softwares in the world. The benefits include pension software, payroll software , HR software and the best online benefits enrollment software for the employees of an organisation.

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Benefits administration as the name indicates is a thoroughly designed process to maintain and manage benefits of the employees of any organisation.

These systems are arranged in a preferential manner in order to provide top ranks to best performers. A prominent and a successful firm is obviously a place where the employees or the human work force is treated as a quality asset and to ensure this characteristic it is important to have a well-equipped benefits administration system.

The Virtuous Reviews team is all dedicated and ready to serve you with the most effective benefits administration systems comprised of their ratings and reviews so that your employees can also enjoy the perks and other incentives. At the end it is the manual workforce only which will help your company to gain heights of success so why not help them to lead a secure and comfortable period at your office space.

Various benefits like medical insurance, pension plans, retirement plans, sick leaves and other unplanned leaves or vacation time. All these welfare options are taken care of via this system. We at Virtuous Reviews create the filtered list after keeping in mind all those alternatives which will definitely prove out fruitful for your firm and your employees as well.

How to choose Benefits Administration Software?

Mobile access

A native mobile app lets employees organise and access their work and benefits information, track activity, and make adjustments from any location. That means fewer visits to the HR office and faster approval workflows.


Chances are, you can’t run your entire human resources operation from a single, best-of-breed benefits tool. That’s why many benefits administration systems integrate with various payroll providers and HR platforms. You also need to know whether the integration is plug-and-play or requires manual API configuration. APIs are the industry standard for securely connecting two system, but they do require a little work.

Communication with Insurance Carriers

Benefits administration systems usually communicate with insurance carriers one of three ways i.e. form enrollment, census enrollment and EDI connection. This will mostly depend on your particular carriers, what technology you use, and your maturity as a company.

Customer Stories

Beyond the features and capabilities of a given solution, it’s important to look for a proven track record of success, and the best way to find that is by talking to current/past customers.


  • Compliance Management - The benefits administration function has become something of a compliance catch-all; dealing with medical mandates, financial rules, labour laws, and other compliance-driven activities.
  • Payroll process integration - This integration reduce the time and resource wastage of duplicate data entry, but many benefit functions have direct bearings on employee take-home pay and anything less than seamless integration between benefits administration and payroll is a recipe for inaccurate payslips and unhappy employees.


  • More sophisticated communications - Face-to-face meetings are more widely used, suggesting that benefits administration automation offered opportunities for a more sophisticated, 'blended' approach to communication, widening the scope of employee engagement.
  • Increased engagement - Chat options can take more time than a phone conversation but the key saving is in the fact that an operator can handle multiple chat sessions at once and chat can often be provided offshore, reducing costs through labour arbitrage. The ever-widening range of access methods, particularly via the inclusion of mobile devices, increases 24/7 availability of services and by extension increases employee engagement and adoption.