Build Automation Tools Software Reviews

Virtuous Reviews provides you with the list of top Build Automation Tools, which allows you to compare products depend on the end-user satisfaction ratings from the prospective buyers. You can then filter the data by the size of a company, since small businesses needs can be quite differ from that of an enterprises.

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What is Build Automation Tools?

Build automation is simply a process of automating the development of any software build and associated processes involving the compiling of computer source code into the binary code, packaging binary code, as well as running automated tests.

Once code has completed by developer, it is then integrated into shared environment, where it is being interact with other software components. Before the code is being integrated, few precautionary steps are need to be ensured so that it does not leave the negatively impact on the new code.


  • Deployments with build automation tool is less error-prone and more repeatable.
  • With automated deployment process, knowledge of releasing the software is captured in system.
  • It allows you to gather frequent feedback from users on software which they are making and adapting their approach.


  • Provides support for various scripting languages.
  • It records robust automated tests even with no or little knowledge about scripting.