Data Extraction/Web Scraping Software Reviews

Virtuous Reviews has listed down the top software for Data extraction/web scraping which is basically used to extracting the unstructured data from the web pages and converting them into structured format which could can loaded into database. Data conversion methods usually uses various tools such as text pattern matching, tabulation, text analytics.

What is Data Extraction/Web Scraping?

Web scraping software allows data scraping to extract the data from websites. They access the World Wide Web by using http (Hypertext Transfer Protocol). While web scraping could be done by a user, it automates the processes by using bot and web crawler. It is type of copying, where particular data is being gathered from the web and then gathered, into spreadsheet, for the analysis process.

Web scraping a web page includes the process of fetching and extracting. Fetching means the downloading of page. Hence, web crawling is the chief element of web scraping, to fetch the web pages for processing. Once it has been fetched, then extraction takes place. Web scrapers takes something out, and then use it for some other purpose.


  • Provides reliable information
  • It allows the sales volume to increase.
  • It has greater coverage area as the data will reach to most of the people all over the world


  • These software are cost friendly
  • It could extract any data from almost any website
  • It could  save data to the excel worksheets, databases and XML