Data Virtualization Tools Software Reviews

Virtuous Reviews has bring forth the list of top data virtualization tools, to provide the data integration,among multiple enterprise applications, and focusing majorly on providing querying across different databases as well as data management tools.

What is Data Virtualization Tools?

Data virtualization is the process or task for data management which allows application to retrieve or manipulate the data without the need of any technical details related to the data, like how it is  being formatted, or where it is stored.

Unlike the traditional extract, transform, the data located at place, and real-time has been access given to the source system, hence reduce the risk for any data errors as well as lowers the workload of moving data.

To resolve differences, several abstraction as well as transformation techniques has been used. This is a subset of data integration and mostly used with business intelligence, service-oriented architecture data services, cloud computing, or master data management.


  • Lowers the risk of data errors
  • Enhances the speed of data access on real-time basis
  • Significantly minimizes the development or support time


  • Lessen the need for data storage.
  • Minimizes the system's workload by not moving data around
  • Merge the result sets easily from different source systems.