eDiscovery Software Reviews

Virtuous Reviews bring forth the list of top 10 eDiscovery software. Simplify your Electronic Discovery with the best and easy-to-use processing and review tool.

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Electronic discovery software usually abbreviated eDiscovery, allows users in government and law firms to find and provide electronic information like emails, documents, presentations, databases, voicemail messages, other audio/video files, social media content, websites, etc. in response to a request for production during a lawsuit or investigation. It is basically a tool for reviewing documents, keeping track of open cases, and managing litigation workflows.


  • Gather and compartmentalize data files from companies and individuals involved in pending court cases.
  • Filter and sort documents as needed based on user settings, pulling data points relevant to the case.


  • Quickly identifies spam  
  • Figures out what your opponent did not produce
  • Better understands email distribution and connect conversations