Top 10 Auto-Attendant Software: Ratings and Reviews

Virtuous Reviews helps you in exploring the best auto attendant service providers listed among the Top 10 Auto Attendants in the world.

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Auto attendants are quite important if you are running a small scale business with limited staff on the roll. This service can save you from losing all the important calls which might lead to the growth of your company.

Initially, this technology was used only by the big companies with a higher budget. But with the changing times, technology has become cheaper and now even the small scale companies can easily afford them. The market is almost flooded with numerous of the options which might leave you puzzled. To sort this problem, Virtuous Reviews has created a list of best auto attendant software with all fancy features which can be bought even without thinking twice.

With the availability of different package options, we have searched some of the most scalable options for you. You just need to pick up an option and sound professional to your clients with the help of an auto attendant.

What shall be considered while planning for Auto attendant?

Identify the calls you want to go to the Auto Attendant

Should all calls go there, or just those that your live receptionist can’t answer?

Decide what menu options callers will have

Will one menu work, or will you need sub-menus?

Determine where to route calls

What should happen to a call if the person or group can’t answer?

Write menu script

Do you need multiple language support?


  • The auto attendant system enables you to automatically handle calls to your main company number.
  • Auto attendants filter and manage call flow, ensuring all calls are answered promptly and routed properly to provide a better experience to the customers.
  • The auto attendant can route callers to the dial-by-name directory so they reach the appropriate destination, whether that’s a specific employee or a department extension.


  • Optimized Call Handling - Businesses with high call volumes can easily manage calls and route them accordingly. Using user selected call vectoring can reduce handle time and increase Customer Satisfaction.
  • Consistency - Using an IVR system opens up an unlimited time for you to do business. Instead of the usual office hours, the attendant will route calls 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. No more losing business because you are not there to answer the phones.
  • Expanded Coverage - Using a Find Me/Follow Me feature allows you to send calls directly to a cell phone or remote office. You can choose a specific block of time or any other number you would like calls to go to. This is a great feature because it allows you to have full control over calls, even when you are away from the office.