Top 10 Concrete and Masonry Software: Ratings and Reviews

Here is the list of top 10 concrete and masonry estimating software. If you’re ready to reduce your takeoff time and improve the accuracy of your cost estimates, you will love to get the best concrete and masonry estimating solution for your business.

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Concrete estimating software helps contractors calculate material and labor costs for concrete and masonry projects. At their most basic, concrete cost estimating software features capabilities around:

  • Cost calculator - Automate costs for concrete, labor and others materials
  • Proposal generator - Turn project estimates into formal, professional bids to send off to general contractors.
  • Data management - Collect and store valuable data like labor and material costs for easy reference when needed.
  • Reporting - Generates easily understandable breakdowns of costs, labor and other valuable data being collected.

For deciding the best concrete and masonry software one should know about the following features that it should help contractors calculate material and other labour costs for concrete and masonry projects. The systems reviewed by Virtuous Reviews will also feature pre-built assemblies for concrete walls, footings and slabs and will help measure quantities of specific materials.

As we know, concrete and masonry work requires detailed plans for an exact estimate. Hence, cost estimating software for concrete or masonry contractors will need a perfectly designed system which can ensure them an accurate estimation. Virtuous Reviews team looks into each and every aspect of the software. If it is worthwhile from every angle then it will grab the place in our ratings and reviews list.

People trust our services and we stand firm because of their support. Hence, it is our duty to return the same. We work entirely for the benefit of our visitors. Our motive is to work wholeheartedly for our customers so that they do not face any damage or failure in this competitive world.

How to choose the right concrete and masonry estimating software?

A good concrete estimate starts with a complete understanding of the scope of work, followed by a good take-off process that includes an understanding of resource costs, and well identified overhead and profit rates. Many concrete estimating programs can stand alone as construction estimating software, but some companies may wish to combine it with construction accounting and job costing software, project management, document management or customer relationship management software.

When selecting a concrete cost estimating program, ask the following questions:

  • Do you need additional accounting, project management or other capabilities, or is a simple cost-estimating solution sufficient?
  • How well does the software integrate with any existing accounting, CRM, ordering or other systems?
  • Do you have a lot of paper blueprints you’ll want to make paperless?


  • Point-and-click concrete calculator - The calculator is able to account for overlays and unknown pitches or elevations and automatically produce modified estimates for concrete requirements based on all variables.
  • Concrete material and labor costs - A solution dedicated to this subspecialty use that data to provide an accurate estimate raw material and labor costs, ensuring an accurate estimate. This will also likely integrate directly into ordering and project scheduling systems in a complete system that includes accounting and project management capabilities.
  • Document scanning and recognition - In moving to a paperless estimating system, you will likely want/need to scan paper plans and import them into the software. The solution recognizes standard features and make it easy to convert a paper blueprint into an electronic one (keep in mind that you’ll want to ensure you have a scanner that can complete multiple, accurate scans throughout the day).


  • Flexible, floating licensing to enable anytime, anywhere access
  • Advanced area, linear, count, volume & surface measurement tools
  • File & project sharing for team collaboration
  • Library of pre-built, industry-specific material databases
  • Customizable takeoff and estimating reports