Top 10 Onscreen Take-off Software: Ratings and Reviews

Find top 10 on-screen takeoff(OST) construction software embracing construction material cost estimator here. Virtuous Reviews releases global and local listings for best digital oncenter take off software released to help various businesses operating in the world.

What is an Onscreen Takeoff software?

In order to prepare part of the estimate, constructors use construction blueprints and start taking off quantities of items they need. All these facilities they get on the best on screen takeoff software.

We at virtuous reviews provide the outstanding ratings and reviews of the software from every field. Manual takeoffs from field sketches becomes a tedious task hence on screen takeoffs from estimating software programs is the best possible solution. You might need to estimate takeoffs for the no. of light fixtures in the building or the amount of wiring needed, whatever is the requirement you will get the appropriate solution at virtuous reviews.

Our team works extensively and exclusively for the visitors. If you are in need of a reliable and efficient on screen takeoff software then what are you waiting for? Just take a look on the ratings and reviews list provided by our team and enjoy the maximum benefits.

Why do we need an Onscreen Takeoff software?

Onscreen takeoff software functions to display the scope of a project. It can be used for the businesses ranging from small to large enterprises. It gives a visualization to your project’s goal which keeps an intense significance. OST is helpful in carrying out various functions including plan viewing and quantity measurement. The software listed here work efficiently for 2D takeoffs. The software is basically a collection of processes, programs and information to perform cost estimating process for construction purposes. Constructors use it by taking off the items quantities they will need from those blueprints to generate a part of cost estimation. Takeoffs can however be done in more than one way. Some constructors do it manually by preparing field sketches while others do it by conducting on screen takeoffs.


  • Highlights and records with ease - The software listed here give accurate results and serve well in highlighting and recording parameters.
  • RFI communication simplification - It can be time consuming and difficult taking RFI responses especially if many are working on the same document. Eliminate the need to go back and forth again and again with the help of onscreen takeoff software.
  • Integrate with excel and accounting - The software quickly assembles budget and cost estimates anywhere.


  • No need for manual estimation - Onscreen software has eliminated the need of manual estimation that was time consuming.
  • No revision is required - Unlike manual estimation, automatic operation does not need even single revision.
  • Communicate across organization - Onscreen takeoff software simplifies RFI discussions and eliminate interpretation.