Contract Lifecycle Management (CLM) Software Reviews

Virtuous Reviews listed down the top Contract Lifecycle Management Software (CLM), which allows users to  streamline the contracting process. Many professionals, like salespeople or account reps, which are usually involved in the negotiation side are tasked with the service level agreements, and also those who ensure compliance, tracking the risk, amending agreements, and implementing contracts as well.

What is Contract Lifecycle Management (CLM)

Contract Lifecycle Management (CLM) is basically the proactive and methodical management of the contract from the very starting phase by award, compliance as well as renewal. Executing CLM could also lead to the significant enhancement in cost savings or in efficiency both. Automating CLM might limit the organizational liability and enhance the compliance along with the legal requirements. Contract Management software usually simplifies various processes by enabling all the users to create, store, manage, and share complicated business contracts. It also fits into the portfolio of tools which has been used to handle the overall contractor relationships and integrates with CRM, quote management, as well as e-signature software


  • It includes the documents which could store in various categories for every contract
  • Provides templates that could be customized at the time of the creation of business contracts
  • Ensures the capabilities to create, edit and share contracts internally and externally both


  • It comply business legal needs and internal business rules which is involved in the contract.
  • Notify users if changes are made based on business rules .
  • Monitor the contract creation and delivery processes that user could make the estimation of the process’s efficiency and methods to enhance it.