Top 10 Customer Service and Support Software: Ratings and Reviews

Virtuous Reviews provides you with the list of top 10 Customer Service and Support Software across the world. Online help-desk software offers various CRM tools and web-based packages to help businesses manage and track their clients relationships and record customer interactions, sales and notes in a customer database.

The customer service function reflects the quality of the front office functions in your company. These functions establishes the foundation of sales for the products and services to the customer along with the after sales services. Only if the customer is getting quality services, he will stay with your company and can be converted into a profitable asset.

The skilled professionals of Virtuous Reviews have generated a list of proficient customer support & service software which are planned to upkeep all  the aspects of your customer service organisation from contracts to marketing.  These software are mandatory to incorporate in any business not just because of  their increasing demand but also due to their multiple support system.

Virtuous Reviews expertise in recommending software which can definitely provide a positive user experience to you with real-time support and complaint management. Therefore, do have a look at the list to reap the benefits of excellent customer support and have a smoother experience with customer interactions.

Why do we use customer service and support software?

  • Customer service and support software is the easiest and the fastest way to provide the best customer service to the customers. They are easy to try, buy and implement.
  • The unique approaches these systems use make the customers engage more in your services.
  • Customer support software integrates the customer with sales, support, service, and easy access.


  • Case management - Assign and manage various customer issues across various communication channels like phone, fax and web.
  • Customer portal - Provides highly personalized and interactive service through portal.
  • Knowledge management - Proper organization of information and content which can be easily accessed and understood by the customers.
  • Time tracking - Service Professionals can easily track the time spent with a client.


  • Customer satisfaction is increased as support teams can access customer information anytime and anywhere.
  • Reduce customer care cost through effective self services.
  • Increases efficiency and productivity by making the tasks automated.
  • Empowers sales and service and drives incremental revenue.