Top 10 IT Asset Management Software: Ratings and Reviews

Virtuous Reviews provides you with the list of top 10 IT Asset Management Software all over the world. These License Tracking Software allows you to manage IT assets, software licenses audits easily, automate the management of software, hardware, virtual and physical assets. Also provides you highly effective maintenance management system for increased productivity as they integrates with your help desk, performs network monitoring, and more.

Under IT asset management the focus is mainly on automating the process of various technical aspects of the company including network, PC, and LAN auditing and inventory tracking and reporting. The IT asset management software suggested by Virtuous Reviews will help you in maintaining the accountability of IT assets throughout the organisation.

The technical experts of Virtuous Reviews have created this list of efficient software for IT asset management keeping in mind all the departments of your company involved in the procurement, deployment, management, and expense reporting of IT assets. Eliminate the risks of incremental hazards of advancing IT portfolios infrastructure projects based on old, incomplete and less accurate information.

Make your life easy with the advancement of technology and use these amazing software recommended by Virtuous Reviews for the optimum development and maintenance of your organisation. These software will also help you to save much of your time and money by eliminating expenditure and harvesting the existing resources.

How does IT Asset Management Software works?

The IT Asset Management function is the main point of accountability for the life-cycle management of assets in the organization, including responsibility such as development and maintenance of policies, processes, systems which enable the organization to manage the IT Asset with respect to risk, cost, control and performance objectives of the business using integrated software solutions which work with all departments including deployment, management and cost reporting of IT assets.


  • Increase Organization of Asset Data - Web-based software allows many users to use as well as update asset records in real-time, in a single database.
  • Save Time Preparing Reports - Asset Management Software allows you to easily access asset records and download the information required with reporting tools to make customized reports with ease.
  • File Reports on Time - With a robust reporting tool, it is relatively easy to instantly run reports which meet the requirements of auditors.
  • Keep documents organized - Provides the facility to upload documents like purchase orders, insurance policies, user guides, and images to have all essential information at one place.


  • Lower compliance and security risk
  • Enhances license compliance with entire view of software installations as well as sophisticated license reconciliation capabilities.
  • Automatic asset identification
  • Automate the mechanism of identifying and categorizing hardware and software assets
  • License tracking and compliance
  • Import, normalize as well as reconcile licensing data from various sources.