Partner Management Software Reviews

Virtuous Reviews has provides you with the list of best Partner management software, which allows companies to optimize relationships with their business partners such as contractors, distributors, and services providers. Companies have to search, attract, and keep reliable partners to assist with strategic growth. To maintain relationship, companies have to manage communications, and collaboration among each partner.

What is Partner Management?

Partner relationship management (PRM) is basically a system of the methodologies, strategies, and web-based capabilities which assist vendor to manage their relationships with their partners. The main aim of PRM is to allow vendors to manage their partners better through the reliable systems, and procedures for interaction. Web-based PRM systems usually involves Content Management System, and customer contact database, and notion of partner portal which enables them to log in and to interact with sales opportunity database of the vendor's and obtain product, and training information.


  • Provides business with risk and sales support designed to enhance the value of your employee base
  • Allows fast settlement.
  • Offers full control of branding.


  • Provides detailed reports as well as statements of all Account risk and also transaction history.
  • Allows storing, processing, or transmitting data directly to your employees.
  • Provides direct access to the key support.