Proactive Notification Software Reviews

Virtuous Reviews bring forth the list of top 10 proactive notification software. Find unbiased ratings of the best notification software, the features and price of which is based on the reviews available over the internet.

Proactive notification also known as proactive multi-channel communication or proactive engagement, helps raise awareness for customers and companies by providing useful information or alerting individuals to some upcoming activity or action. You can utilize this software to alert customers of upcoming deadlines or payments, product updates, and noteworthy promotions, in addition to suspicious activity on their accounts. This software can also alert your company of customer events and other information to help optimize your customer service and increase sales. The platform you use may integrate any combination of SMS (text), voice, email, or fax notifications, and can often allow for the two-way chat.


  • Manage all notifications mediums from one secure web-based portal
  • Send notifications from any web browser or use the API to integrate into your backend systems
  • Apply business rules to automatically send notifications based on specific events
  • Scale distribution to support millions of notifications messages
  • Take advantage of a pay-per-use pricing model


  • Manage notifications mediums in all geographies and languages from a single, easy-to-use web portal or API
  • Streamline your messaging with automated solutions that create efficiencies, improve productivity and foster compliance
  • Gain a competitive advantage by sending your customers messages in the timeframe and format they most prefer
  • Ramp up messaging as fast or slow as you’d like, knowing you’ll only pay for the notifications you send
  • Eliminate costly revenue delays and customer service issues that hurt the bottom line