SFDC AppExchange Tools Reviews

Virtuous Reviews provides you with the list of best SFDC AppExchange Tools Software products which are being determined on the basis of the customer satisfaction, along with the user reviews as well as scale related to the market share, vendor size, or social impact, and has been placed efficiently into four categories like Leaders , High Performers, Contenders , Niche products respectively.

What is SFDC AppExchange Tools?

SFDC AppExchange Tools is basically provided by an American cloud computing company. However, its revenue comes from customer relationship management (CRM) product, yet it has also capitalizes commercial applications over the social networking through acquisition.

These are few of the  best SFDC AppExchange Tools Software products which has been decided by various factors such as customer satisfaction, user reviews and scale after which they have been placed into four broad categories:

  • Leaders which provides products which are rated highly and have quality scale, market share, and service resources.
  • High Performers offers those products which are highly rated by their users, but did not achieved the market share
  • Contenders which includes significant Market Presence and resources, but its products have received less average user Satisfaction ratings
  • Niche products includes those which does not have the Market Presence. They might rated positively on the customer Satisfaction, but not received enough reviews.


  • It helps you in getting more leads
  • It let you accelerate the productivity
  • Provides aid to get more insights


  • It assist managers and employees to improve their work performance through frequent coaching and real-time feedback
  • It is a cloud-based automated system which helps in acquiring and managing all the CRM records