Data Discovery and Visualization Platforms Reviews

Explore the list of top 10 data discovery and visualization platforms on Virtuous Reviews, designed for business analysts and technically-oriented business users. Use the best data analysis and visualization tools to quickly visualize data with out-of-the-box grids, graphs, charts, and maps.

The focus of the Data discovery and visualization tools is not primarily reporting and monitoring, but rather ad-hoc analysis of multiple data sources. These tools provide data analysts with an intuitive way to sift through large volumes of data to expose patterns and outliers hidden in the data. They replace the traditional rows and columns of traditional data presentations with graphical pictures and charts.These tools have been very successful, largely because of the low cost of implementation and because they do not require IT support. Ease of use is another key feature encouraging adoption. Visualization tools allow end users with some comfort level in data analysis to access multiple different data sources and display the results in visually compelling ways.


  • Predictive analytics
  • Support for machine-learning models
  • Pattern recognition and data mining


  • Absorb information in new and more constructive ways.
  • Visualize relationships and patterns between operational and business activities.
  • Identify and act on emerging trends faster.
  • Manipulate and interact directly with data.