HR Management Suites Reviews

Virtuous Reviews provides the list of top 10 HR Management Suites. Choose the best HR Management Suite software that helps people simplify work, and helps organizations increase engagement and productivity across their global workforce.

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HR management suites, also referred to as human resource management systems (HRMS) are software systems that offer functionality across multiple HR software categories through a variety of software modules. HR management suites are used to manage all human resource information within an integrated, modular system. Companies use HR management suites to manage high-value HR functions, such as recruiting, performance reviews, and employee training, within a centralized system that streamlines HR management and reporting. HR management suites are most commonly implemented by HR departments within enterprise companies.


  • Employee data management
  • Job opening management
  • Applicants management
  • Employee training data management
  • Benefit management
  • Documents management
  • Project Tracking
  • Access from tablet or smartphone device
  • Company information and data management
  • Setup password protection for your database
  • HR manager reminder
  • Integrate with QuickBooks data
  • Employee login to their own page and input/update their own data
  • Employee termination process


  • Helps in Hiring and Training the Workforce
  • In-depth HR know-how that’s specific to your industry, accessible, supporting your growth.
  • Technology that works, beautifully streamlined, supporting your people, delivering data.
  • Get more time to do what you do best, because we’ve pulled so many human resource services into one solution.