Top 10 Payroll Software: Ratings and Reviews

Virtuous Reviews lists the Top 10 Payroll Softwares in the world. The best online payroll software is available for small enterprises as well as large businesses. The employees of a business enterprise are benefitted by such software.

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Payroll management systems today are not only focused on managing the salary of your workforce but other tasks also like monitoring working hours, calculating salary, managing taxes and deductions, printing checks and also paying employment taxes to the government.

If this system has become so wide then there are more chances of improper functioning of the payroll management software.So, Virtuous Reviews is at your service to provide the best software and their ratings and reviews in this niche. Managing the salary and taxes of a good amount of workforce is a hectic task but it needs to be performed with utter sincerity and accuracy. The systems mentioned by Virtuous Reviews are an amalgam of trust, accuracy and quality.

A payroll system should be able to streamline the whole procedure of record keeping, scheduling and payment. Virtuous Reviews takes care of the necessary criteria and features which a payroll system should have so that your company gets maximum facilities under one system only. You will find that all the options listed have been in use by many settled and successful firms.

How to use Payroll Softwares?

  • Tax calculation - Determining tax amounts for each employee is a basic payroll function. Any product you consider should be able to handle federal/state/local income, Social Security, Medicare, federal and state unemployment and state disability calculations. If your business has any additional tax calculation needs, make sure that software can be customised to support these mandates without extensive — and expensive — reprogramming.
  • Deduction support - Look for a product that allows deductions for health plans, union dues, deferred compensation plans and other common requirements. If your company has unique deduction needs, the software should be able to easily accommodate extra deduction functions without costly changes.
  • Tax form support - Tax forms keep proliferating, so your software should be able to support the creation, editing and printing of the latest versions of common forms as well as a plethora of rarely used federal, state and local documents.
  • Direct deposit - More businesses are depositing salaries and other payments directly into employee bank accounts. Even if your business doesn't currently offer this service, it may wish to do so in the future in order to save on check printing and distribution costs.


  • Ease of use and convenience - The software is easy to use and understand so that anyone can use it for the purpose of payslip generation and other reports.
  • Fast speed - The software has an excellent speed so that it could not delay the working.
  • User-friendly - The software is GUI based. It has interactive graphics and supports each kind of specifications. The software also track hours, benefits, deductions and taxes.


  • Cost Effective - By taking control of payroll yourself and not going with a professional service, there is great potential to save money, especially once you can use the software quickly and efficiently.
  • Tax Updates - You might have missed the latest tax updates, but payroll software will help you by notifying you when these updates arrive.
  • Saves time - It obviously takes extra time and extra resources for a business to manage its own payroll, but as far as in-house management is concerned, payroll software helps to speed every aspect of the payroll process with a range of automated features.