Resume Parsing Software Reviews

Virtuous Reviews provides the list of top 10 Resume Parsing Software that reduces the cost and effort spent on manual data entry and candidate database population. Choose the best Resume Parsing tool that enhances your CV searching, matching, analytics and reporting.

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RChilli Inc

San Ramon, United States

RChilli is the trusted partner for resume parsing, matching, and data enrichment.

Resume Parsing software is designed to automate the process of gathering, analyzing and storing resume data. Generally, there are three types of resume parsing tools: keyword based, grammar-based and statistical. Keyword based parsers focus on identifying words, phrases and simple patterns and then applying algorithms to the text found around those words. Grammar based parsers work by applying grammatical rules to capture the meaning of each sentence in a resume. Lastly, statistical parsers apply numerical models of text to find structure in a resume.


  • Multilingual CV parsing technology built in – covering an extensive (and growing list) of modern languages and dialects.
  • Rich structured data output, to support powerful recruitment workflow applications.
  • Available for CV, candidate and vacancy information extraction.
  • Flexible and extendable – bespoke schemas, unique skills taxonomies
  • Mass-send personalized mail-merge email to all candidates with Email ID.


  • Saves you time and money.
  • Comprehensive and accurate resume parsing solutions
  • Documentation and tools make integration easy for developers.
  • Strategically enhance data searching, analytics and reporting.
  • Comprehensive geographical and language support in a single component