Top 10 Time Tracking Software: Ratings and Reviews

Virtuous Reviews bring forth the list of Top 10 Time Tracking Softwares in the world. The best professional employee time-tracking software is used in various corporate offices and industries to manage the hourly working of the salaried employees.

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The Time-tracking software is a category of computer software that allows its users to record time spent on tasks. This software is used by employees and employers in many industries, including hourly workers and also professionals who bill their customers by the hour, such as lawyers, freelancers and accountants.

Time Tracking has become an essential aspect of every corporate as well as a business organisation. Whether you have to track the time of any particular task or you have to track your employee’s attendance a perfect time tracker is needed. Accuracy is the key trait of this system. What if you want to keep a record of the initial and the ending points of a major task and the time-tracking system has faults or does not keep a reliable record?

Hence, Virtuous Reviews has come forward with their never ending efforts to provide you with the ratings and reviews of the time-tracking systems or software. Features like reminders, ideal time detection, managing and billing your work especially for freelancers, platform independent, extracts the record or report into excel sheets and much more should be embedded in one software only so that there is no switching from one to the other for different uses.

We at Virtuous Reviews after exploring and learning have found out the latest technology for time-tracking software which will surely prove out a great advantage for establishing a punctual work force. These options listed by Virtuous Reviews will be very helpful in tracking time for all the important aspects.

How to choose the best Time Tracking Software?

  • Time Tracking - The ability to monitor the time of both hourly and salaried employees is the main purpose of a time-tracking application. If you have staff in the field, look for a service that offers multi-device clocking in/out. Some solution  offers the ability to punch in via text message or SMS, or through a smartphone app.
  • Timesheets - Timesheet handling is an important part of a time-tracking application. Software that allows you to divide timesheets by project is ideal because it makes the billing process easier. When choosing a solution, pay attention to its approval workflows.
  • Project Management - The best time-tracking software will allow you to monitor project resources and track tasks, and some allow you to add project notes to tasks so that everyone involved is on the same page.
  • Reports - Reporting is a crucial advantage of an automated time-tracking application. A good software lets you generate a wide variety of different reports to help a manager gain insights into things like time worked, expenses, and invoices.
  • Integrations - One important factor to consider when selecting a time-tracking application is to pay attention to its integrations. Integrations are key because they allow you to synchronise your time-tracking application with data from other business software that you’re already using.


  • Tracks time anywhere - All time entries are synced between your computer, smartphone or tablet. The only time you will be offline is in a bunker with no Wifi or network coverage. And even then we have a solution – hours tracked offline are synced once you’re back online.
  • Divides team into user group - One administrator can watch over data and assign different permissions to different users. Predefine hundreds of activities & set up filters. That way your teams and clients see only what is necessary.


  • Allows for flexible monitoring for different employees - Employers can decide what level of visibility they want for each employee or contract worker, from screen captures to manual functions and custom reports, for greater accountability.
  • Helps companies adjust resources - Organisations can see the overall picture of time spent on a project, which can help them re-prioritize or streamline processes, or pull additional resources to a project that needs more attention.
  • Minimize distractions - Time-tracking software helps to keep the employee or remote worker accountable for their every minute, ensuring that distractions in the office won’t guide them away from the project.