Content Delivery Networks Software Reviews

Here’s the list of best Content Delivery Network offered by Virtuous Reviews. Content Delivery Network is service operating across distributed system of servers to get the web content to the end-user. A server situated to give the best performance with the main aim of improving end-user's experience.

What is Content Delivery Networks?

Content Delivery Network, often known as Content Distributed Network, a globally distributed network made up of the proxy servers which is being deployed in many data centers. The main aim of Content Delivery Network is to serve the content to end-users with enhanced performance. They also serve a large fraction of Internet content, including all the web objects such as text, graphics or scripts, downloadable objects like media files, applications, on-demand streaming media, as well as social networks.


  • It significantly decreases the page load time of website.
  • It provides help in retaining more customers.
  • Offers maximum availability of the product.


  • Provides more scalability to the business, so that business could grow more.
  • Offers easy delivery of the video and audio rich content
  • Gives more secure network