Top 10 Data Integration Software: Ratings and Reviews

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Data integration means collecting and combining data from different sources and showcase the same in a unified form. It has found a great application in mergers of big companies. Data integration also serves good in consolidating two different applications within a company. Data warehouse is the name given to the latter initiative. The greatest implementation of data integration is data warehousing. Data warehousing is a large accumulation of data, collected from a variety of sources. It is basically done in order to guide major management decisions. It is quite advantageous as it performs business analysis based on data present in the data warehouse.

Data integration covers data warehousing, data migration, and information integration and master data management. An independent data integration initiative requires an expert that very well understands the data assets and would take the process long way in order to make data integration successful, consistent and beneficial. It can be stressful if you leave it on midway However, a third party services can do much to serve the same purpose.

We at Virtuous Reviews, try to find out best data integration software. We position them in our listings in a preferential manner in order to keep the best one at the top.

Things to keep in mind for choosing the right Data Integration Tool:-

Before starting your search for Data Integration Tool ask clear yourself on the following factors:

  • Source systems - Is there unstructured or semi-structured data in addition to conventional structured data? External data sources, in addition to internal ones? What are the data volumes and frequency of updates?
  • Integration use cases - Do you need to integrate data for analytics -- primarily through data warehousing? What about application consolidation? Does your organization need to acquire or process data for master data management (MDM)? What about synchronizing data between on-premises systems and cloud applications or Internet of Things devices
  • Resources and skill sets - Do you have dedicated IT resources to perform data integration work? And what's the level of previous experience with data integration tools?
  • Enterprise size - What is your organization's annual revenue, how many total employees does it have and what's the IT budget for data integration?


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