Load Testing Tools Reviews

Here is the list of top 10 load testing tools that are all in one testing platforms embracing load testing and performance testing. Find best software arranged in preferential manner so that you get the name of best services at the top.

What is Load testing tool?

Load testing tools provide a platform for both load testing and performance testing. These tools can also help you with website speed testing, mobile applications and APIs and automated website testing. They record the behaviour of your website under the load and simultaneously give information on the experiences of virtual users. These tools serve as an easy and cost effective way for website testing. Most of the software listed here are open source distributed load testing tools. They provide real time performance measurement and are enough capable to fulfil tasks. With, load testing tools it becomes very easy to record scripts for web applications.


  • On going records of Virtual user experience.
  • Monitor client’s website remotely.


  • Get information about infrastructure performance of the client network.
  • Focuses on the database software under stress
  • Allows you to see if slow going connections use resource.
  • Error free performance on different browsers.
  • Simulates real user behaviour at your site.