IP Geolocation Software Reviews

Determine the geographical location of website visitors based on the best IP addresses for applications from the top 10 IP geolocation software listed on Virtuous Reviews.

IP Geolocation software is the one that is capable of deducing the geolocation of a person or object and perhaps their actual location. Geo IP address stands for a geographic Internet Protocol (IP) address and identifies the geographic location of the device which is connected to the Internet. It reveals the approximate geographic location of the device which is connected to the Internet. Geo IP address location is used by marketing services to help advertisers target their market according to location.


  • It leverages its core IP Intelligence technology, intellectual property and business intelligence.
  • The company tends to deliver and develop reliable, effective solutions that bring value to online entities with respect to managing customer interactions, relationships and risks.


  • Online Behaviour Monitoring - Real-time detection of suspicious behaviours for every online interaction and transaction.
  • Login Authentication - Detect and prevent fraudulent account takeovers and associated fraudulent activities.
  • Identity Verification - Preventing application and enrollment fraud in real-time.
  • Research and Reporting Tools - Best-practice fraud models and tools for comprehensive channel insights.