Top 10 Gift Shop POS Software: Ratings and Reviews

Virtuous Reviews bring forth the list of top 10 gift shop POS software in the world. Use the best retail POS software to gift something to your near and dear ones.

Gift shop looks attractive from the outside, managing one is very difficult. Gift shops stock items of a very low price to expensive collectables.

Using software as a service, they can increase the gain margin and make the gift shop business ‘rewarding’. A point of sale system helps in running the business more smoothly and effectively.

The software that we have collected can help you with preparing a catalogue of both vendor and customer. You can have detailed profile of both,to understand them better and form a good bond of relationship. You can alter the price of items easily and can calculate the discounts or loyalty points too. Your regular customers will be alerted whenever a collectable item comes in stock. It also becomes fairly easy to track customized orders. You can review reports of your sales for a specific day, month or season.

By automating your ordering and receiving process, you can save much time and trouble. The integrated security system can protect the business from vandalism and theft.

How to choose the best POS software for your gift shop?

  • Be sure of what your business needs - Shortlist the requirement of your gift shop, what needed to be done while having the software with you etc.
  • Understand the financial value of this to your business - Keep a track of the financial status of your business and accordingly look for the POS software.
  • Review the testimonials regarding that particular software - Go through the testimonials of the software you have shortlisted. See what the clients and customers need to say about it and its services.


  • Easy to use - Simply designed to save time and streamline your transaction process
  • Innovative - Our development team is dedicated to integrating the latest technology for a solution that serves today's retail needs
  • Supportive - A friendly knowledgeable support staff to answer your questions quickly and professionally


  • Quick and comprehensive reporting - A web-based POS system can produce remarkably accurate reports, telling you by the week, day, or hour how your business is doing.
  • Easier customer management - Information regarding purchases a customer made at other stores is easily accessible with a web-based POS system. This relieves headaches in regard to the return and exchange processes, resulting in quicker transactions and happier customers.
  • Improved sales -  This allows the associate to provide service that is tailored to each customer, and dramatically increases their opportunities for both upselling and cross-selling.