Top 10 Restaurant POS Software: Ratings and Reviews

We are here with the top restaurant POS systems to help you maintain your inventory, management, service and retail programs. These softwares are the best all over the world and our team has followed an evaluative strategy to rank them.

What is a Restaurant POS software?

Any generalized POS cannot work for restaurants as it requires managing tips, serving time and recipe costing. Specialized restaurant POS helps them to reach their highest sales potential. In so much competition, only best customer service can help restaurants to achieve success.

The most important feature of this POS is credit/debit card handling, because a high volume of cards pass through restaurant each day. The payment should be secure, fast and the customer information data should be maintained. With the help of software, it is easy to track tips, working hours of employees (minors too, if any). When the order is placed, it is entered on the database, slip is generated which is send to the kitchen. It detects the food spoilage and keeps it according to the food security norms. It also manages menu and reservations.

The restaurant POS sends messages or emails to targeted customers, to offer special discounts and customers love ‘special’ treatment. If you dream to make your restaurant successful, you must download one of the software dedicated for restaurant POS.

Why do we need  Restaurant POS software?

  • it simplifies communications between the kitchen and the wait staff. Orders go through the computer, directly to the kitchen printer.
  • it can track everything from food usage, to the most popular menu items.
  • It even helps to prepare the payroll.
  • It also maintains your profit and loss statements and sales tax.


  • There is speed in work and it is easy to use. Handling all the task in a restaurant is not an easy thing, a single delay can lead to a bad impression forever.
  • An inventory management feature in the restaurant POS software is a must as that allows you to keep track of every ingredient and item sold.
  • This software helps in keeping a track of sales by department, item, hour, etc., food costs, labor costs, and how many new customers have come through the door.


  • Helps in proper marketing of your restaurant by making a strong internet presence especially on social media.
  • They even provide initial setup, credit card help, software upgrades and ongoing training.