Top 10 Motels in Bhopal

Book online the top 10 Motels in #CityName## to avail best-budgeted deals with cheap accommodation and limited amenities. Motels in Bhopal offer best deals for the travelers and student visitors. Get the amazing ones listed on Virtuous Reviews website.

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Top 10 Motels in Bhopal. Motels can be considered as the cost-effective form of hotels which are best suitable for all the cheap travelers and students. Generally, motels are cheap accommodation facilities with limited amenities.

Travelling is a great joy for every person who likes to travel. But in order to have this experience in its best form, a proper planning is pre-requisite. Budgeting is not an issue for those who believe in traveling with luxury. But for most of the student travelers and especially backpackers, the budget is a major issue. To suit the needs of these rapid travelers, a motel is a great option. But to search a suitable motel in a totally new place is a difficult task in itself.

Years ago this was no easy feat as all we had to go on were few brochures and a bit of hard sell from the travel agents. But thanks to the internet, online portals like Virtuous Reviews have come to light. The best and the worst thing about travel industry are the never ending options of stay provided in all directions. But to select the best options from this bunch you need a relying source.

Virtuous Reviews helps you to select the best motel for your amazing stay at an unknown place. All you need to do is to type in your destination and a few seconds later you can get the entire list of motels to browse through. Whether you are somebody who travels a lot for work or just a care-free holiday-goer who loves to take tours, Virtuous Reviews can totally help you in searching the appropriate place online.

How to Choose a Motel?

Selection of a good Motel is a tricky task and it depends on various factors. Few of them are listed below:

  • Cost - The costs of motels vary from place to place. Researching about motels on various sites will help you in comparing the prices of motels and helps you in choosing the best-priced motel around your location.
  • Brand loyalty - The brand loyalty matters a lot while selecting a motel in a new city or a country because it defines itself about the quality services provided by the particular brand.
  • Distance to destinations - The Motels are selected on the basis of the distance of destinations from the motel. This helps the traveler to save his money and spend it on other necessary requirements.
  • Safety - In large cities, safety considerations are extremely important. Never skimp on accommodations if doing so puts your safety at risk. If you are not sure where the safe areas are, get some guidebooks and read about your destination.


  • Easy reach due to roadside location - Usually motels are located on the Porsche areas of the town or city so that traveler can easily reach to such places.
  • Attractive exteriors and interiors - Motels have very attractive exteriors and interiors which are eye-catchy which convinces the travelers to visit the same.
  • Low budget accommodation -  Motels are specifically established for the people who wish to visit the city or town but have a low budget. And these motels provide them with great accommodation facilities within their budget.


  • Personalized services by the staff - Since Motels are constructed in fewer spaces, it can offer less space to its guests and thus a number of guests staying at a motel is quite less, so the staff members give them personalized services and take care of their needs and requirements.
  • Small yet comfortable establishments - Motels are smaller establishments yet are much comfortable for the visitors. It provides various facilities to its clients and it has such an environment, which makes you feel like at home in an unknown city or country.
  • Free parking facility - Motels do not charge anything for parking vehicles or lodging. They provide free services to the visitors.