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A person opt for insurance to get themselves secured from any kind of contingency situation. Insurance claim is the process of sending claim request to the insurance company to make payment based on the policy. Insurance company makes all the necessary detailing and investigation before making any claim settlement. The claim process is usually simple and stress free especially when you have all the related documents with you.

What Is The Process Of Claiming An Insurance?

Step1: Reporting it

If you want a claim for something which is stolen or vandalized or even for an accident, it is better to get it reported to police. Most of the policies have a time limit for reporting the incident to police, hence, it is important to report the incident within time.

Step 2: check the policy

The next step is to make sure about what is covered for the incident that has happened. There are certain companies which have strict laws regarding which workman should be brought for helping the situation. It is better to look into the policy and call the service provider which is approved by the insurance company in order to get the remuneration during a claim.

Step 3: Find all the relevant information

It is always beneficial to get your relevant document papers handy

  • Get the policy documents handy
  • Receipt for things stolen or misplaced
  • The reference number of the report filed.

Step 4: Get the facts right

Keep a tap of the incident that happened so that you do not miss any detail while explaining factually about the incident that happened. Make sure you remember the date and time of the incident, exactly what happened and where, how much you are claiming for, details of other people involved(if any).

Step 5: call insurance company/ broker

After the incident makes sure to call your broker or the insurance company for the claim process.let them know the whole details of the incident.

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