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Keep Your Protective Arm On Your Family Even After Death With Life Insurance Policy!

Have you ever thought how life would be for your family when you are gone from the world? How would they survive especially when you are sole bread winner?

Life is unpredictable! One can never be sure of what happens next yet a proper planning can reduce the after effect to a great extent. Life insurance is an insurance contract that pays a lump sum amount to the dependent of the policyholder after the insured passes away during the tenure of the contract. Life insurance policy is a wise financial decision that should be taken in order to safeguard the interest of the family when the insurer is no more. Thinking about death and its after effect on your family can be challenging yet not doing anything about it can be the saddest part. If you want your family lives happily as you always want them then consider getting a good life insurance service. VirtuousReviews provide you with an online listing of best life insurance services in USA. Protect your family with a cover that is secured for a lifetime.

What Does Life Insurance Policy Covers?

There are three main components that life insurance policy covers. They are:

  • Death benefit:- The death benefit is the amount of money that the dependent of the insurer receives after the death of the insurer. Although the amount of death benefit is already determined during the beginning of the service. It should be determined whether there is an insurable interest and whether the policyholder can qualify for the coverage based on unwritten requirements.
  • Premium payment:- It is the insurance company that determines the premium rate for the policy that it needs to cover the mortality cost. Factors like age, personal, family, medical history, lifestyle are the determinants to finalize the premium rate. As long as the policyholder pays the premium, the company is bound to reimburse.
  • Cash value:- Life insurances also have cash value component which is meant for two purposes. It is a saving account which allows the policyholder to accumulate capital that can become a living benefit. The capital accumulates on a tax-deferred basis and can be used for any purpose till policyholder is alive. It is also used by the insurer to mitigate its risk. As the cash value increases, the amount the policyholder is at risk for the entire death benefit decreases, which is how it is able to charge a fixed, level premium.

What Is The Cost Of Life Insurance?

There are many factors that have a significant effect on the premium rate of life insurance policy. These are:

  • Age:- premium for old age and elderly people is much higher than that for young people.
  • Medical history:- a person suffering from chronic illness or is a drug abuse or smoker will be charged higher premium rates.
  • Gender:- statistically women live for long years hence they have a low premium rate.
  • Occupation:- your occupation also matters in determining a premium rate. Better the job higher the premium.

What Are The Benefits Of Life Insurance?

  • Life cover:- The biggest advantage of life insurance policy is that insurance company will pay a lump sum amount after the death of the insurer thus supporting the life of the nominee with a certain amount of money.
  • Savings:- Life insurance is also a great way of savings for the needs of the future. It can prove ideal financial decision that can prove helpful post-retirement.
  • Tax advantage:- Life insurance policies are tax exempted therefore you can save your tax and invest on something to make your future beautiful.

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