Top 10 Lebanese Restaurants in USA

Everything we serve is prepared from scratch daily, we only use the finest ingredients. Starting with our house-marinated olives and pickled turnips, to our award-winning Falafels served piping hot an ... Read more

Lebanese Food, Elegantly Redefined Sharing a meal in Lebanon is tied to gatherings: people almost never eat alone. Lebanese love to share food with friends. They surround themselves with lively music ... Read more

Zaytoon Lebanese Kitchen


( 22 reviews )

Cleveland, USA

Located in the heart of Downtown Cleveland at Playhouse Square, Zaytoon is an urban eatery offering authentic, Lebanese cuisine for breakfast and lunch. Zaytoon means “olive” in Lebanese. ... Read more

Shawarma Falafel


( 20 reviews )

Boston, USA

The idea behind Shawarma Falafel is to educate our American customers about Authentic Lebanese Food. Our wraps, platters, marination, and condiments are prepared and offered the same way and with the ... Read more

Lawrence's Cafe


( 20 reviews )

Atlanta, USA

Tony Chebib grew up in Falougha Mount-Liban, Lebanon. As a child he was eating the same healthy and tasty dishes which he is serving today. When going back home he still enjoys watching the chefs prep ... Read more

Mary’z Mediterranean Cuisine is a family owned and operated business which first opened its doors to Houston in January 2005. Under the culinary direction of Mary and Samir Fakhoury, Mary’ ... Read more

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