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Dawei Zhang Tattoo Artist


( 11 reviews )

San Jose, USA

After earning a degree in Fine Arts in the Luxen Academy of Fine Arts in China, I was offered a post as an art instructor in the same school teaching life and figure drawing. After five years of my te ... Read more

Cory James Tattoo


( 10 reviews )

Austin, USA

I moved to Austin from Milwaukee in 2013 to immerse myself in a culture inspired by art and tattoos. This was one step among many taken to shake up and elevate my craft.

Randy Adams Tattoo


( 10 reviews )

Fort Worth, USA

Randy Adams Tattoo Studio has been in Fort Worth, TX for 23 years. We have extremely experienced tattooers who are eager and able to get you your next piece. We take walk-ins only on a first come, fir ... Read more

Nathan Emery Tattoo


( 2 reviews )

San Francisco, USA

Nathan Returned to San Francisco in 2013. From Hawaii, where he was influenced by traditional Polynesian Pacific Island themes, Japanese and Traditional American tattoo motifs. Utilizing patterns in a ... Read more

Josh May was born in Nashville, TN and raised here in Atlanta, GA. Leaving Atlanta shortly after turning 18, May traveled the Southeast and Pacific Northwest, eventually landing in Missoula, MT, where ... Read more

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