Top 10 Attendance Management Systems: Ratings and Reviews

Amongst thousands of attendance management system or companies available in the world, the top clocking machines are reviewed here. Choose the one which suits your requirements, has an affordable price and is effective in managing your employees or staff.

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What is attendance management system?

An attendance management system is a software used to maintain the attendance or presence of the employees or staff to keep a check on their working hours. The system helps to schedule the shifts, holidays and leaves of the entire staff. Tracking the presence of your employees on time is the need of hour. This has been a tedious task of keeping a record of when the employees left and when did they come. For the proper and well flourishing workplace you need a system which can track the presence and absence of the people without much manual work. So attendance management system has reduced this liability.

These latest attendance management systems are beneficial for classrooms also. Teachers can track the presence of their students and work accordingly. Keeping an eye on each and every student or if we talk about big firms then employees is not a child’s play. There should be a strict system which can give the overall record of their status. We at Virtuous reviews are here to help you find the best attendance management system.

A system which provides you an accurate sheet or record of each and every employee, can track attendance easily and is easily understood by the employee also, provides daily reports and is accurate in capturing the right time of every employee. Keeping all these criteria and specifications in mind Virtuous reviews has come forward with a filtered list of different attendance management systems.

Take a free trial

As the number of attendance management software are increasing in the market and almost every one of them is available online easily hence it becomes a necessity to go through a free trial. It will help you to analyse the services and ensure which one can deliver the required facilities for your business.

Why do we use attendance management system?

  • Administration - The system enables the HR administrators and other authority of the company to have a complete view of what is happening in the company. It even helps to decide the performance of the employees individually.
  • Individual report creation - Every employee can have a particular report created for himself or herself. This information can be shared within or across the departments and at global locations.
  • Decision making - The higher authority or the decision makers of the company can access the reports of any specific employee and review his or her regularity.

Features of attendance management system:-

A proper attendance machine helps an organization to maintain the decorum and punctuality of their employees and the entire firm. The latest attendance management projects have helped many employees to be aware of their timings leading to a positive impact.

Here are some important features:

  • Many systems help in real time integration with all attendance device types like Biometric, Smart Card, RFID, Facial recognition devices and other clocking systems. You will get seamless services in one single software.
  • Latest attendance management system allows you to schedule various shift policies which suits all the departments and locations.
  • It also allows to configure work from home policies.
  • They are integrated with leave and payroll software.

Benefits of attendance management system:-

Keeping track of the entire staff, their attendance, leaves and shift timings becomes a hectic task if done manually. You need a perfect fingerprint based attendance machine for management.

  • The biometric system present today are simple and easy to use
  • Manual work is reduced and a lot of time is saved.
  • Records of each and every member of the firm are kept safe.
  • All the information from the past records is also available promptly.
  • Information is available via the internet at all times and from any location
  • Users can easily view their leave summaries for the year
  • Your data can be easily copied and pasted to other applications