Top 10 Learning Management Software: Ratings and Reviews

Several online Learning Management Softwares have emerged till now but we rank the top e learning softwares in the world. Enhance your trainings and  course management through these systems.

What is a Learning Management software?

A learning management system is an application for the administration, documentation, tracking, reporting automated or digital educational technology  courses or training programs.

Learning management systems are now creating a huge place in all well established firms, organisations and institutes to deliver electronic education to their employees, clients, students or whoever wants to access the information or knowledge. It is a platform for administration, documentation and tracking which is widely being used almost everywhere. If your firm also believes in overall development of its employees then imparting education and latest knowledge regarding developing technologies is the need of hour.

We at Virtuous reviews have all set catalogue of ratings and reviews of the leading learning management systems which are an integrated environment of social, mixed and multi user learning. These options provided by us will engage and motivate learners by providing quality material for proper learning added with timely rewards and points.

Every industry or institution has a goal to be dynamic and flexible so that they can tackle the ever changing needs. Hence to acquire this flexibility they need to be parallel with the latest technologies and they can distribute this knowledge by learning management systems. What they need to be sure about is that they go with a well trusted system and Virtuous reviews always makes sure that the alternatives and the software listed by them are the best source.

Why do we need a Learning Management software?

  • It organizes e- learning services and content in one location.
  • Provides unlimited access to required study material available online.
  • Tracks the progress and performance of the learner easily.
  • Reduces learning and development costs.

Features of Learning Management software:-

  • Language localization - Language localization allows your employees to access  the Learning Management System in the language they best understand.
  • Flat rates - A proper Learning management system costs you one reasonable flat rate.
  • Client services - It works in the favour of the customer, if the software provider offers client support that is free. In this way when an issue arises, client support personnel can be called on to do what they do the best.

Benefits of Learning Management software:-

  • A Learning Management System provides a centralized source for information and education.
  • It simplifies the learning process and procedures to make it more responsive to the client’s needs and wants.
  • Simplifies multiple forms of learning including eLearning, simulation-based learning, mobile learning and  classroom-based learning.